How to aim spot lights on driving bar?

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Thread: How to aim spot lights on driving bar?

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    How to aim spot lights on driving bar?

    Hey xer's!! Just a question for anyone... I just finish mounting my new Cobra lightbar with a 3" headlight ext.(Glen's) It looks good to me but is there any eary way to aim the lights properly? Is it better to tip downward slightly?


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    I don't have the Cobra lights, but I doubt the type matters on this issue. I found that the higher I aimed them, the better they worked (within limits) but that also led to more people getting upset about how bright they were.

    I originally put the bike about 20 feet from a wall, had someone sitting on the bike keeping it upright, and aimed the lights so that the top of the main bright spot from the lights was about 3 inches lower than the middle of the light bodies. This gave me fantastic lighting results, but resulted in many people giving me the "bright lights" flip of their lights, and actually caused one person I was following to yell out the window that my lights were WAY too bright.

    As time went by I slowly lowered the lights until the number of people I annoyed felt reasonable and I could still see well at night. That fine line is in there somewhere, but is probably different for each person.

    While you are working on the lights, you will probably want to adjust your headlight too. Mine came aimed rediculously low. Look on the bottom of the headlight for two small holes leading into the body of the headlight and use a long, thin phillips (I think) screwdriver to adjust it like you would a car headlight - one screw adjusting the left/right and the other adjusting the up/down.

    Keep in mind that if you ride at night with a passenger you will have to fine a happy medium between the two passenger setups, or adjust your rear shocks so that the rear of the bike doesn't drop as much, causing the lights to go into other driver's eyes.


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    Thanks Ghost, will try this.

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    I beleave it is 3ft high on the wall and 17ft away, thats to the top of the beam, low beam, rule of thumb, and I put the lights on the light bar, left side just under the low beam, and the right one same height as the beam but over to the right, we have alot of deer around here and I can see eyes up the road ahead of time.

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    When I adjusted mine (Hondaline), I had my fiancee' sit on the bike, holding it upright, pointed at the garage door....Then I just adjusted them to the same level as the headlight...

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    The stealer did mine and they are bright! I love the difference. I get bright lighted all the time, then I give them bright lights! Bright light save lives. Oh crap I started that thing again! I don't need to hear about smart driving saves lives again. Loud pipes and bright lights help you can be seen and heard!

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    I put 55 watt driving lights on mine and mounted to the turn signal bar (1300 S)
    to aim I just put the jack under the bike and lifted just enough for it to sit level closed the garage door and turned all the lights then I adjusted them a few inches below the headlight beam.

    I have only been flashed 2 times and I light up everything for a block away

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