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    Rear Brake Replacement

    I went to replace my rear brake pads today and found a white composite shim placed under a stainless plate attached to the old pads. I figured they belonged there so I put them on my new pads and tried to re-install with no luck. There just wasn't enough room with the shims in place. My question to all y'all is, do the composite shims need to be there? As you can understand, I don't want to compromise my stopping power.

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    I just replaced mine. I used EBC. The old stainless plate does not follow the new pads with EBC. I don't know about orgional pads. BTW EBC pads are more noisy. They do not have the grove manu. in the middle to reduce noise from the buildup of hot air. They are not rounded or beveled on the edges which also prevents noise. (at least the model I purchased were not).

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    I am having the same issue. It looks like the piston is pushed in flush but there is not enough gap to get the new pads over the rotor. Is rhampton saying he left the white spacers out?... or do I have something out of place? I got my pads from the local dealer, but they are EBC FA174 high performance organic pads.

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