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Thread: Please help find previous owner of my 1300C beauty (@Tennessee)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rads View Post
    Thanks for quick reply. Yeah, I'm well aware of that. But if there's a chance, why not to try? And maybe there are other guys still here who would know or recall this bike.

    PS. The VTX as it looks now, pictured when visiting my grandma last summer. At 92 she was still looking forward to taking a short ride, of course as a passenger hahah... An incredible woman

    Don't take this the wrong way, but there's not really much that's been changed on your bike from stock to make it stand out as "Hey that's xxxxxx's old bike!!"...Small bag on rear fender, pipes, and handlebars appear to be swapped from stock "C" bars to "R" bars, and clear turn signal lenses....Other than that it looks just like every other red 1300C Honda built...And most of the changes that have been made to yours has also been done on countless others as well...So it doesn't really "stand out in the crowd" like some of the more extensively modified/personalized bikes that have been posted in this forum over the years..That, combined with the fact that over the last 9+ years I've owned my VTX (bought it brand new in Sept 2007), I've ran across MANY other VTX owners that not only don't know anything about the VTX Cafe, but they don't do really anything on the internet at all (weird, but those folks do still exist)...That all being said, I do occasionally see one pop up on Facebook from a new guy, and immediately "hey I know that bike" pops into my head....

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    Thanks for your post. I am being realistic about it. Just as IndyX put it, it's only the red serpent sticker and a 'Jesus fish' that are really personal. Probably no other person except the owner himself would recognize the bike just by those tiny details.

    The bike now looks different (recent pic below). It is stripped down, has most of the accessories removed and handlebars changed to low and wide. If not for the original auction photos I wouldn't even try. But since I got them why not? Strange things happen, people find things and other people long after they gave up searching.

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    If you manage to find the PO let us know, it would be really interesting to hear that you were successful in your (long shot) hunt!

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    Yes keep us posted on any info....
    You might try Dept of Motor Vehicles in that state, use the VIN number to trace it.
    Not sure who has access to that info, I think people with dealers lic here in Calif do??
    Any Co that does traces, PI work, Police etc....??
    That would give you all the info on prior owner, name, address, etc...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinish View Post
    You might try posting on craigslist for multiple cities in TN or maybe Facebook (not sure about FB as I have never used it and know nothing about it).

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    To find previous owner of mine I went to court house and talked to someone in sheriff office. Had to sign paper saying it was for maintenance purposes only but they ran vin number of bike and gave me names and told me where they were from. I did the rest looking up phone numbers and got to talk to man that bought it new and started fixing it up.

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    Good luck on your search. I'll be interested in the outcome, too.


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    Not sure how other states handle it, but if you buy a vehicle of any type from a dealer, auction etc in Texas they go to a lot of effort to insure that you do not know or can find out who the previous owner was. They take the license plates off, and will check the owner's Manuel to ensure there is not previous owner information, and search the vehicle for an other identifying info, etc. I suspect it is a state law to protect the previous owner from a new owner showing up at the home of the previous owner etc. Maybe a privacy issue. Of course you could get around that if you bought it from an individual. Good luck with your effort.

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