I need an honest opinion, please.

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Thread: I need an honest opinion, please.

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    I need an honest opinion, please.

    This Spring I will upgrading from a Shadow Aero 750 to VTX. I've heard good and bad things about both the 1300 & 1800. Which one is the all around best bike?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clifford View Post
    This Spring I will upgrading from a Shadow Aero 750 to VTX. I've heard good and bad things about both the 1300 & 1800. Which one is the all around best bike?
    Couldn't go wrong with either for the price and aftermarket availability for the parts and accessories!

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    I agree with ironmk on this. Both are excellent bikes and what you want out of the bike and your size will help determine which of the two will best suit you. I'm 5'8''-170 lbs and ride solo so the 1300 is all I need. If you're a bigger feller and ride 2 up, the 1800 may do better for you. What are the bad things you've heard about them? Maybe we can confirm or dispel some of it.

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    NOT BETTER,, different animals... only thing that is the same... its a Cruiser, and made by Honda.

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    I was skeptical also 1 1/2 yrs ago.. Didnt have money to throw away..
    Decision, decisions !!!! LOL
    Really liked this 1300 C when I went to see it..
    Could not have made a better choice. Reliable, looks & sounds great.
    Have not had one break down or needed repair in over 10 K miles now...
    Have done some maintenance, upgrades and Mods, Starts every time, goes zoom zoom down the road..
    What more can ya ask for....

    1800 or 1300 is a personal choice.
    Big Bruiser Vtwin, or medium bruiser Vtwin...
    30 MPG or 40 MPG, FI or Carb....
    My little 80 ci 1300 stays right next to my friends 96ci & Sons 103 ci Harley's, Maybe loose a bike length depending on the day.....
    And I payed $4K instead of $12K or $20K...


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    the 1300 is a great bike so is the 1800 carb VS Fuel injection

    I agree with Hiramsaint as far as sizing if your a smaller guy and mainly solo rider the 1300 is more than enough
    if your a big guy and ride 2 up then maybe the 1800.

    im 5'10 and (usually about 175) I started with a 1300 and loved it. went to the 1800 because I found an N (NEO) and love it as well.
    the 1800 is a heavy bike, you don't stand it up with a little knee push you lift it.
    1300 VS 1800 Unless you have to be the leader of the pack and blow past people on the highway then 1300 will be do what ever you want it to.

    saying all that I have seen plenty of 6 plus footers ride 1300's and small fries ride 1800's (right terry) sorry inside joke there.

    what ever you pick you will be happy with especially moving up from a 750

    enjoy your choice

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    Go check out both.
    Sit on both.
    Test ride both.

    Go with whatever has the most aftermarket bits that you actually want on it for the best price you can find. Don't worry about mileage several 100,000+ out there.

    Do ALL the maintenance yourself when you get it home to save money and establish a new baseline then follow the manual intervals.
    Replace tires if 4 years or older or any sign of cracks.
    General guideline on age but cracks can kill you.

    Post lots of pics on here when you get the bike and read on here about all the ways you can spend money on accessories.

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    I'm 6'3 220 I picked up the 1800 for long rides.

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    I've had my 1300C for 7 years, love it, have made it mine by fabricating my own forward controls, and other items, just got a 1800 C for a price i could not refuse, have not really rode it much but do like the looks of it. easier for me to swing my leg over it. came with a bunch of extra parts( 3 sets of exhaust) i wanted something for longer rides, and two up, tho the 1300 did that fine. I do think i will like it. will enjoy the extra power.

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    At 6'5" and 250lbs, I needed all the room and power I could get - the 1800 has more than enough for me! Both bikes truly are excellently built and will both last you as long as you want to ride (some have near 180k miles or more on them).

    Here's just a quick run down on some of the differences...
    • 1800 is fuel injected, 1300 is carbureted
    • 1300 has about 60 hp and 75 ft-lbs torque at the rear wheel stock
    • 1800 has about 89 hp and 99 ft-lbs torque at the rear wheel stock
    • 1300 weighs between 675-745 lbs, 1800 weighs between 775-805
    • 1800 has linked brake system and other brake upgrades allowing 109ft stop distance from 60mph. 1300 stops in 122ft
    • Price difference is usually $1,000 more or so for the 1800 depending on your local market
    • 1800 has a dual pin crank and the 1300 has a single pin. This impacts exhaust sound. The 1300 gives a traditional "potato" sound and the 1800 sounds "weird" (some like the sound, others hate it - the 1800 will NEVER sound similar to a Harley)

    Please feel free to ask more questions as you come across them. There's also a "classifieds" section on our forum - although I'm not sure if anyone's currently selling their bike.

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