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I'll let it run after work today, see if the fan comes on...but I don't remember it spinning when I was testing before. If the fan doesn't come on, should I be thinking thermostat?
If the engine is running hot and the top of the radiator is not hot, then thermostat is usually the problem. The bottom of the radiator will get hot from the hot coolant that is nearby, but not as hot as the coolant in the engine, that's why you need to check the top. I think the cooling fan switch is located at the bottom of the radiator, so it may not come on if the radiator temp isn't high enough. It sounds like you have it figured out anyway, but I wanted to throw that in if it helps. And YES, do not over tighten bolts that thread into aluminum parts. That can be bad. Sometimes very bad. I have rigged up too many things from folks wrenching too hard.