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    When I am running at mostly a constant speed at 40mph-80mph I occasionally her a a "psst cha" with some surging.
    I recently changed out my box filter to a chrome spike air filter. i ran into an issue that had the tip of the spike resting on the highway bars. I adjusted the bracket that the spike came with and solved the problem, but it tilted the carb up. I also placed 2 shims on on the needle for carb adjustement. i have been folling with the A/F screw with minimal success of the problem.
    Hyothesis: I think it may be a vaccum leak due to the tilted carb. I may need to fine tune the A/F screw.

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    nope, if you got the band clamp tight you should be good, what you have is a need for 1 more shim.

    better yet a 205 or 210 main jet from factory pro and 1 or 2 shims would be a better set up while you are at it a 58 pilot would help too with the A/F set to around 2 turns open.

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    so, you think i should go from 2 shims to 3? I will try that 1st. changing the jet i have heard mixed postings but will try that as well if it doesn't work. Also, I wanted to point out that the bracket that holds the carb i placed an additional 3/8 thick bolt to tweek the tip of the chrome spike and has put some good tension on the litfting the carb a little beyond normal position upward. thanks for your advice.

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