A turbo VTX???

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    A turbo VTX???

    I came across this 2006 article in GIZMAG http://www.gizmag.com/go/5215/

    I'm probably posting old news but I thought it was interesting.

    Looks like a KILLER bike. A very modern cruiser.

    Whats your impression?

    Ok, its been brought to my attention that this HAS been posted and beaten to death already. I came across older posts regarding turbo's added to stock VTX's. Turbo's are apparently old news for the 1800 and the futuristic prototype VTX had few admirers so thats probably not gonna be the next VTX generation (if any). Maybe society is just not ready for a continued VTX (imagine if T-Rex's or Magalodon sharks still shared space on Earth with humans!!!). Large predators seem to evolve or disappear but I would have enjoyed seeing the great saber toothed VTX prowl the dealers just a while longer.

    I'm just waiting for someone to invent a supercharger for the 1800. I would guess such high compression would blow the cylinder heads apart.

    Someone build a 1800 supercharged will ya???
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    i had seen this a few weeks ago and thought it was a hella sharp looking bike. Notice that its a chain drive vtx I suppose thats done for reliability rather than beefing up the vtx shaft drive. I'd love to see one for sale! and why not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2005palehorse View Post
    Someone build a 1800 supercharged will ya???
    Making the power is only half the battle, to survive it requires new parts from top to bottom.

    You might find this page interesting.


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    Just wish they would come up with some decent power adders for the 1300's now! That.......and a 6th gear lol.

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    VTX TECHNO the name of prototype.

    I saw it in the web last year. When a saw I searched to do it on mine vtx, but is a prototype and will not be sold =/

    Look at the speed o meter! !!

    ps: Sry for the bad english.

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    If they ever produce a bike like that, half cruiser, half crotch rocket I will sell everything I own to buy it.

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    Just an Update on My turbo..
    It's in the garage stored for the winter.. But it is still running great.. I have been working on the MAp and I think it's right.. Runs great and I am getting 35 mpg. The Turbo was put on at EFR Racing.. www.efracing.com

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    luv turbos and blowers!

    Quote Originally Posted by soundguy123456 View Post
    Just an Update on My turbo..
    It's in the garage stored for the winter.. But it is still running great.. I have been working on the MAp and I think it's right.. Runs great and I am getting 35 mpg. The Turbo was put on at EFR Racing.. www.efracing.com
    Fabulous ride man! I remember hunting everywhere for a reliable turbo kit for my VTX without success some years back. Velocity Racing was the only outfit on the horizon...and they pulled their product just when I was about to commit. I ended up with an IDC dual intake manifold, dual NOS on the rear struts, custom clutch from Barnett, Nology ignition and other upgrades...but I still would rather have had a badassed turbo like yours! I ended up with second bike instead:Triumph Rocket 3 which I'm busily upgrading. Turbo and blower kits for the mighty R3 are happily plentiful and cheaper than that for the X. Blown R3's are producing on average 230-250 hp! Much more, as I've said elsewhere, is possible.

    The techno VTX, I believe, made the rounds at the Tokyo shows back in '06. Never released; a big mistake by Honda. Since then, the amazing Sukuki 109 and the tremendous Star lineup have largely supplanted and overshadowed the now dated VTX line. The new V-Max, of course, trumps everything! Check out Mad Max's web site for a look at a blown Max with a huge rear end...330 or 360. Honda has allowed its cruiser line to wither and die while others have seized the initiative and are rightfully taking point! Hell...even Harley's have 6 speeds now!

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