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Thread: License Plate Light/Assembly Removal

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    License Plate Light/Assembly Removal

    I have a 2009 VTX1300R and I have some plans for altering the license plate frame assembly. I want to add additional running lights and another (flashing) stop light.

    Does the entire assembly remove pretty easily? Does the wiring for the license plate light unplug or will I need to cut and splice wiring? If I need to interface the wiring from the stop light circuit, is that a matter of cutting wires too?

    I realize that as I start removing things, a lot of my questions will be answered but I thought I could also take advantage of the knowledge base here before starting the project.

    I bought a 3" flashing LED module from a police supply store, fired it up and that sucker darn near blinded me. I guess I'll have to tone it down somehow.....but it sure is effective as an added stop light.

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    If your talking about the license plate holder itself, and not the whole tail light assembly, it's a matter of 3 nuts on the inside of the fender. I removed mine a few weeks ago. The whole tail light assembly is a different story. That info I will be interested in also!

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    Is this what you are looking for regarding the plate assembly?
    Of course, if you want it activated when you brake, you will need to tap into the brake light assembly. It is a plug but to really get to it, you need to remove the fender.
    Basically after removing the fender, you have easy access to the harness clamp. the wires I think are too short for you to reach up there and do anything with.
    On the R you need to remove the seat and both side covers then remove the shock absorbers then you can get in and disconnect the clamp.
    Then you need to remove the shock absorber upper pivot bolts and take off the grab rails. Now the fender can come off. It's a bit heavy and to make sure you don't dip and scratch, you may want to have another set of hands around.

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