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Thread: Notice to Cafe members; Please READ!

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    Notice to Cafe members; Please READ!

    Notice to the Café members. The Café is a member driven forum. As of late it seems that there are a few that want to act like brats and if it keeps up they will be treated like brats and set down a notch. The bulling and snide remarks must stop. I know that some comments are posted in jest and maybe taken the wrong way by some members because you can’t read intent without seeing the person face or actions as they are saying it. So, if you must make a joke try to make sure anyone reading it will know it is a joke.

    If something is going on then let a Moderator know at once. We MODs can’t read every post or every thread and we may have the same problem as other in deciding on how something is meant to be taken. If you send a PM to another member about their posts then BCC (CCC lets the person see who you are sending it too also, BCC lets you send a copy to someone without the other person knowing who you sent it to) your PM to a MOD. We are here to HELP with problems but we can’t do that if we don’t know there is a problem.

    Remember, it is the Cafe members that make the Cafe like no other VTX forum.
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    I am only new but well said

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    Sorry to see bratty attitudes messing the site up. It was a good idea getting rid of political postings. That will go a long way in your efforts to curb bad behaviour.

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