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  1. Reed Block Off ?

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    I mapped well before I did this mod. Really this mod only effects the off throttle and idle. It should not effect anything else. I have not heard anybody having any problems after doing this. If you still have popping, check your torque on the exhaust to manifold.
  2. Reed Block Off ?

    Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    You won't get anymore performance out of it. It should almost eliminate any decel popping, It got all of mine. Also there is a gurgling sound at idle, it's gone also. Glad I did it. I have BigShots, Kury pro hyper, and a pcIII.
  3. Hey WeeWillie

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    Hoschton here,
  4. Georgia Riders patch, who wants one??

    Georgia VTX Riders
    I am trying to get a Georgia VTX riders patch made and need to order a minimum of 50. I have accounted for about 40 as soon as they all pay, but am wanting a few more. A man in California makes these and has made them for Florida, Alabama, Washington St., California... The price on these are 25$...