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  • Barry_VTX1300 ·
    I like your bike looks great .Not to be a copy cat :) what bag you have I like the look . I have soft bags now looking to upgrade .
    02vtxman ·
    Hello Bassdude, I am not much of a forum guy but have seen several of your post over the years and you seem very knowledgeable and your X shows you know what your doing. all that to say is I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you in advance.......Considering going darkside on my 02 1800R. Had it since it was new and only have about 35k on it. I have read hours of forums about how great the darkside is but I have not seen anyone discuss speedometer changes. Seems like 205s are the most common tire chosen. Is it the same height as a stock tire from the factory? I couldn't find any specs on the diameters. Anyways, those forums usually leave me confused. Like trying to understand a plot of a mystery movie with all the commercials. My direct email is [email protected] Thanks again. Mark
    Deagle10 ·
    Completely new to the site. Just bought a 2003 VTX 1800c with 8200 miles on it. Are you still performing valve checks, and if so, how much are you charging? I'd like to get this done by someone that knows what they are doing.....and that is not me. From what I've read you really seem to know your stuff.

    SmokinJoe ·
    Hi Bassdude404,
    Wandering if you still have those saddle bags for sale... am VERY interested....Please call or text me @ 410 230 5537 I'm just outside of Lima Oh. (the only Harden Co. member) bought my bike (03 1300s) stripped down and looking to dress out before spring....please let me know asap...will buy new if I have to but would rather save a little money for other upgrades
    terrehautevtx ·
    Hey bassdude. I'm making the trip up to the tech session to replace steering bearings. I mentioned it somewhere in the long thread but didn't see my name on the list. I just wanted to make sure it was still cool to head up to the session?

    Blackcat ·
    Hey ! I used to post here a long time ago and remember you! I had a different name on here and couldnt remember it so this is a new account for me. So how long have you been playing the fish... er I mean bass for ? I have had a peavey grind bass for many moons now but never got the hang of playing it I have some issues learning stringed instruments. Recently I decided its time to have another crack at it. First thing I did was replace my old (new) strings lol and order a 6 string peavey :p Now if I can just figure out how to play it lol So what sort of stuff do you like to play on the bass ?
    joshhardcastle ·
    Bass, just wanted to stop by and let you know that you have one of if not the BEST looking bikes on the cafe. I am hoping to do a bike real similar to yours. I just bought a fairing for mine that I hope turns out even close to as good as yours looks. Seems like everything I search for in the cafe, somewhere you are part of the posts. Love your ideas, such as speakers in the saddlebags. Keep up the good work and thanks.
    Rubix VTX ·
    Hey Bill,
    Got the word back from TireRack and they refunded me 1/2 the amount for the tire because of the bead split. I asked if they needed the tire back and they said no. If you want you may throw it out or keep it as a keepsake :) Thanks again!
    Random Question: What day were you planning on riding up for Big Kahunas?
    focjoc ·
    BassDude, You have a great looking bike and I love your color choice. I am planning on doing a similar setup on my VT1300 Interstate. I hope it comes out as well as yours. I am going to be keeping mine black. Would you mind telling me what bags, trunk and batwing you are using. As well as any tips you might have. If this info is posted I apoligize for asking. I am quite sure many others also envy your bike.
    SteveCz ·
    Bill, Just wanted to say THANKS to you and your wife for hosting the Tech Session! This was my first time and I really enjoyed it! With Jim (Vinish) leading us thru the "operation" (changing steering head bearings) we were able to completley eliminate the "Death Wobble" !!

    I hope your hearing is back to normal!

    This was a great time for bike maintenance, learning, fellowship, etc. I can't wait for the next Tech Session.

    MrsFondo ·
    Just wanted to say thank you again to you and your family for the tech session...we had a great time and really didnt want to guys and gals are a great bunch of people and being able to meet all of you was a were all there for us back in Novembe when Fondo "fell" have added you guys to my friends list...i tried to remember who all of you were...i know i missed some of them....anyway thanks again for a great day and am already looking forward to next years...
    Rubix VTX ·
    Hey Bill, I am contacting Tirerack about the blown Yoko. If they agree to take it back and I shot you the money, would you mind shipping it back for me? Just let me know if this would work. Thanks again for putting the darkside on! Runs Great!
    BryanN ·
    See thats the info i am talking about. I like the look of a woodys but i am hesitant because of the PVC and hose clamps. Makes me wanna pull out what little hair i have. I want mine to be the sort of bike i can ride for 12 hours and not feel like i went 12 rounds with tyson
    BryanN ·
    Love the way your bike looks and am interested in putting a trunk and fairing on my 2005 1300R, the questions i have are what was the basic cost and how hard was everything to put on. I also think that blue looks awesome on your bike. you can respond here or my email is [email protected] thanks in advance for your input
    lamaybl5711 ·
    I'm trying to find some pics of your bike to show to a friend of mine but can't find any of your newer ones. Can you help me out a bit?
    Rubix VTX ·
    Hey Bill,
    I have a quick question for you. I know you did the write up with when you painted your bike and I was thinking about painting mine. I know how to take the tank off and front fender, but confused on rear fender (I have heard from some you have to unbolt it, others say you dont). I know your knowledge on the VTX1300 is huge so I thought you would be the best in helping me answer this question. I am hopefully looking at painting the bike this weekend if possible. Any input would be sweet!
    Thanks in advance,
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