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  • keithmeddock ·
    I want to purchase a couple of the t-shirts you advertise. I am currently in Minot, North Dakota, however, I will be moving to Phoenix, AZ in mid August. Can you tell me based on your order scheduling and delivery time, should I have the shirts shipped to my address in ND or Phoenix?
    Big Kahuna ·
    Hey Ray!!
    I hope the winter was kind to you. It was pretty mile over here--I rode at least twice every month!! Anyway, I just posted a thread for my tech session in August, and was hoping you could add it to the events posting on the home page.

    any chance you could make it out to Michigan this August???
    teamesb ·
    Hello, my family is hosting a pokerrun on Aug.4 and i wad wondering if you could post it in the event calendar. I can give you any info you need thanx
    KRASH ·
    Yo Ray....thanks again for spotting me this past month. Because of that, I will be bumping up to Gold sponsor this year and I will mail the $50.00 money order out tomorrow. Take er easy brudda.

    Glenn KRASH Myers
    Sloke ·
    Ray, Sliverhorse is planning a meet and greet in Washington State on May 19th.
    We'll be meeting in Mukilteo by the ferry dock then doing lunch nearby and possibly a ride if everyone is interested. He hasn't announced a specific time.. lunch is what he's included in the forum thread. Guess that's Noon.
    georgex2 ·
    Plum Loco here I am from Texas. New to this site still learning how to post. I am looking for someone to help with an AIR cleaner modification. I have seen some posted they look great. I read a guy named Lazerdude can anyone help. 2005 VTX 1800C. Thanks
    teamesb ·
    Hello my name is Errol Benson my father passed away last year from lung cancer a long time vtx rider. we hosted a poker run in his name and raised a little money and donated it to Dana farber lung cancer institute in Boston mass.we are hosting another one this year. I live in new Hampshire and i would like to spread the word to as many vtx riders as I can for I am also a vtx rider. if i can post here please respond
    rjtmac ·
    It is planned and in the building stage... Have 18 confirmed attendees with about 25 others tentative. Hoping to end up in the neighborhood of 40 - 50.

    Going much better than I had ever imagined when I made my first post inquiry.

    Thanks for getting back .... I know your plate has been full the last couple of weeks.


    Here is the website for the Meet and Greet:
    rjtmac ·

    I have had a couple of request that the "Meet and Greet on the Dark Side of the Moon" be listed on the home page. The date is June 9, 2012. If this is not the norm I understand.

    The thread is located:


    And as many others have said and let me chime in - Thank you for this site. I understand the time and dedication (along with the frustration) it requires. Many kudos to you for your "beyond the call of duty" efforts.
    Duck Down ·
    Would you kindly post our event for March 24, Troyer Dutch Heritage/ Woody & Beth moving get together!
    Thank you,
    Duck Down
    slbball2003 ·
    I saw you had an 1800 and on that 1800 were white wall rear and front tires. I have a 1800 that I absolutely love but hate the new paint job on. I'd really love to put some white walls on it and make it into a sort of beach cruiser. Do you happen to know where I could find 130/70/18 and 180/70/16 white wall tires or white walls taht will fit those rims?
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