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  1. Purolator PureOne

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    I'm useing the purolator 14610 now in my bike on the retro it was pretty tight to install because of the reservoir tank , but I did get it on plus I switch to Amsoil 10W40 synthetic I"m very pleased with the results. Bike runs smoother and it seems to have even more power than before
  2. The best aircleaner and fuel manager ?

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    Go with the Power Commander And K/N air filter The hyper charger or the ultra flow are both good choices.
  3. VTX woke up!!!

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    I've always enjoyed my VTX, Thought it was a power house until I changed to a synthetic AMSOIL 10w40 and installed the FINCH fuel catalyst,along with the POWER COMMANDER and ULTRA FLOW air intake, WOW what a difference the VTX woke up, it raised my grin factor to the roof.:choppersm
  4. Purolator PureOne

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    I belong to the PGR and rode once with them. GREAT cause, wish I could go on more of there rides in the area but work gets in the way. how about you, Do you ride with the PGR?
  5. Purolator PureOne

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  6. Purolator PureOne

    Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    Wondering if anyone had ever used the Purolator PureOne PL14610 on there vtx 1800 reviews I read it seems to be ranked at the top . I have 14,000 mile on my "03" and fixin to change to a synthetic Amsoil MCF 10w40and wanted to get the best filter for the change. could someone give me a...
  7. Milage /efi Question

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    I get 38 to 42 mpg on my '03' 1800 with pc3, hard chrome 3" straights , ultra flow intake. I'm getting ready to install the FITCH fuel catalyst which has great reviews states raising mpg by 2 adds 3-5hp lowers the emissions quite a bit, I'll let you know how it turns out
  8. Tires and Mustang Seat for sale

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    The Mustang seat Is the seat still for sale? I'll buy it if it is. Dennis,
  9. popping through my pipes

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    Installed a power comanderIII on my 1800 Retro W/ Hard Krome Kickers and Xtreme Revolution Ultra flow intake the problem is when I first start the beast I get popping through the pipes, after it warms up in about 5 minutes the popping goes away and on the highway its normal , no decell popping...