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  • Grin ·
    We're staying at Appalachian Campgrouund, between Helen and's right at the intersection of 17/75 and hwy 180.
    Will be back up there from next Friday thru Oct (most of the time).....
    Andy 912-269-2715
    [email protected]
    Deno ·
    Good luck with trailer. Family is busy but well. I just got an MS batwing on my bike. How's your family?
    A. Ramon ·
    Amen Brother!! I am trying to get some planning done, but I can't nail down a date to save my life. I been trying to finish up my trailer so that has taken priority. If i can get the trailer done, I think the Boss wants to come along. She not ready for a 9hr/500 mile one way ride yet. I think 330mile over the course of a day is our best day. Finished up welding today, tomoro putting in new bearings and wiring. going to try to paint it next week and some new flooring. I will post up some pics once done.

    How the family?
    Deno ·
    I'm afraid not. I'm up to my neck in work and family, but who knows? I may just ride all night and come back, been wanting to do an 'Iron butt' anyway.
    A. Ramon ·
    Snow melted? You still have snow? We FINALLY got some dry warm weather! FYI: Thinking abt another Dragon Run this summer, looking like maybe the 3 wk of Aug, once the girls are back to school. A friend and I have been kicking around the idea of an Iron Butt Ride, but I dont think that he is THAT serious. I will definitely let you know as August gets closer.
    mountnnuts ·
    Heyyy Retro...sorry dude i can't remember your name..i'm bad about that..It's James...We met you this past Sat. mornin up on 74 at the gas station...I had the black/purple pinstripe vtx least I did remember the to see ay again soon dude..ride safe.
    Deno ·
    I look forward to it, just let me know when you're coming in. There is going to be a rally in Franklin, in August. Maybe we can get X-Ray and some other to come up again.

    Grin ·
    Good statement about the Greener Grass.....
    We have property near Scaley Mtn and are up there each year for most of Aug. Sept. and Oct. ......We'll have to get together and tell lies, talk big and ride some....
    BTW.....I'm pretty sure X-Ray is missing some of his marbles !

    AKA Grin
    AKA Grits
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