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  • tnxridr ·
    HELLO FRANK! That last message was too long and i had to cut alot out before it would send.
    Also realised id cut out the greeting too.
    Gime a ring sometime.
    im about to head to bobs to get my risers!
    tnxridr ·
    I went up to abernatheys and checked out that X18 S and even if you wanted the spoke wheels, i feel sure you wouldnt want that one.
    Its pretty obvious the last owner left it outside a lot.
    There was rust in various places and to say the very least, they didnt care to maintain the finish paint, chrome ect.

    I almost hate to tell you about this, but, i found the deal of a lifetime a little too late.
    A dealer in nashville had an 02 X1800 R 3
    It was c/a red, had the 40 litre Tsukayu hard/locking bags AND trunk in matching paint.
    Also, memph/shades batwing matching fairing, crash bars, mustang seat with b/r and on and on..

    18000 mi $6800!

    Someone from fla was coming to get it.

    Wish i couldve found it sooner, i think youd loved it.

    Good luck on the search and give me a holler sometime. ROD
    n0body7o ·
    LoL...if they gave a "finders fee" I'd be rich off of them...but they don't..I just really think they are great people up there to deal with and usually their prices are better than anywhere around here...Yeah the difference in the 1300 & 1800 are night and day...I really enjoyed the 1800...But I love the Wing...Ya ever get around Ga stop by and take it for a spin!!!..Glad ya got ya a new bike!!!!
    n0body7o ·
    Congrats!!..Looks like they are gunna keep my old one for a while, seems they go back and forth on the pricing of it...Anyway glad ya got you an 1800!!...Did ya get a chance to meet Pam?
    G3Truks ·
    lure you in with a title that says "prayer for the President" and then post their little hate stabs. These people are no better than the Taliban.
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