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  • gatoremt ·
    I ordered the HID light from DDM. They have the single light kit that I dont have to hook up to the battery. It will be just like yours I will not have the High beam. So I can turn mine to high beam and it will be turned off. It was only $32.50
    RLM ·
    Hey gonzo i hate to bother u but have a quick question. You and charlie d have helped me so much with getting my carb right i consider u both experts. do u have a minute to answer a quick question about throttle cable replacement?
    Bassdude404 ·
    Hey man, you get that grommet in the mail yet??...headed to WV in less than 2 weeks and hoping to have that before the trip..
    R. Klemm ·
    Hi Gonzo, Donut said to contact you regarding finding rear shock bushings. I was at the Tech session Saturday and saw alot of upgrades I will need. I was watching a bushing replacement and they has a hell of a time getting them on. Donut said you could help me get these bushing. Let me know what!

    Thanks Ron
    Trips ·
    Hey Gonzo, I just wanted to stop in and say Hi.........I finally got some good shots of my bike uploaded. Check em out sometime
    davidpat · issue!
    I didn't winterize my bike, but I did run it a few times during the winter...apparently that wasn't enough. When I start out it is really sluggish, even stalling. After I get moving it is OK, but when I stop for a light or STOP sign I get the same thing again. Do I need to pull the tank off and remove the carb and clean it? I tried taking the air cleaner off and spraying in some carb cleaner but that didn't help and I did notice some small backfiring and burn in the barb...suggestions?
    peacock1300s ·
    Hey gonz,you mentioned a guy,(DOUG)that makes aftermarket air cleaners,do you know how I could get a look at some of his stuff? Thanks man.
    davidpat ·
    Well, you were right...the drilled out pipes don't quite do the trick...I'm thinking about some Bub's Jug Huggers. What do you think about them? Are they hard to install?
    poisonwhiskey ·
    Hey there Gonzo. I'm having a fuel issue... My Bike won't start right now. I have done the basics with no luck. I am now into the fuel and vacuum lines. All of the Vacuum lines and fuel lines look good. I have also checked the operation of the petcock. It's working fine. I am now on my way to pull the micro screen on the carb. It's should be located on the fuel inlet? Can I do this with the seat and tank off? or do I need to pull my hypercharger also? I plan on dumping the llittle bit of gas that is in the tank now and once I check the screen and anything else you suggest I will put some REGULAR grade gas in her.
    cummin of age ·
    Hey Gonzo, Need your advice Input. Just getting raedy to install samson Warlord Cannons tonight. Know you dont run baffles, but would a power cone or samson torque tube be of any benefit you think? Just wanting to get some good advice. Also looking at getting the barons Scallop end caps as well. These will look too sweet. Lemme know thanks

    RDACPA ·
    Hey Gonz,
    Just thinking at this point, but... What about coming to my place (20 miles north of Cincinatti) and then taking 50 over to the W(by God)V ride?
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