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  • jurzy ·
    I accidentally posted an item for sale twice, can you delete one of them? It is under 1800 for sale as a front fender rail for 40 obo. Appreciate any help, Thank you!
    tworley ·
    Hey Mortikus,

    Hoping you could help me with a problem. I am trying to send a private message to a member but once I hit "send" on my message it disappears and my sent messages folder has 0 messages sent. Any idea on what I am doing wrong?

    Thanks, Tyler
    3d-geo ·
    Please get back to me regarding previous inquiry. Getting some serious abuse(bigboreVTX,bassdude404) regarding some ebay linked items .thx
    Mortikus ·
    jackmth, if you recently posted something it will allow you with a dropdown menu on your post to edit it. After a certain amount of time this option is removed, however, an admin can edit any post. Thus, if it's real pertinent, you could ask one of us to adjust something in your post, or simply add another reply to your thread with your corrections. - Mort
    jackmth ·
    Hi Mortikus,
    i am wondering, how do i edit my posts. I am desperate to edit some of my posts. I have been trying hard but could not find a way to edit,

    Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!
    papiwi's vtx ·
    Hi Sir. Thanks for the advise on the guns topic...i'm kind of new into riding and also just got station here in Northwest florida been riding back and foward to work and a couple of weekend ride with out a destination just want to know if you know anybody or any place to go to see out on my neck of the wood(okaloosa, Eglin afb are?) and also i think i saw a post about a meet and greet to a shooting range i may be interested into joining you guys
    captval ·
    I posted a thread yesterday with a couple of photos of my bike. I was hoping someone could help me identify the make and model of my sissy bar. I just purchased a trunk with a back rest and I need to purchase a luggage rack and remove the sissy bar.
    Anyway, when I clicked "post message" it said that the post would be reviewed by a moderator but it has been almost 24 hours and I don't see the post.
    Can you advise? Thanks!
    Mortikus ·
    Hey same to you. Make sure to put up a thread about your visit, there's many VTX'ers nearby and we love reasons to get together.
    JoJoe ·
    hello mortikus what new in your area. i'm planning going to florida sometime next year also planning riding up there i have family in florida have a happy hoilday's;jojoe
    sumdatx ·
    Hi Mort -- signed on for a gold sponcership via paypal and was wondering when it will showup ..... tks
    Tex ·
    Can you please delete me from the site. I don't ride anymore, don't visit the site anymore & don't want to take up space that someone else could use. Many Thanks, Eddie Hubbard
    barkatluna ·
    I have a question. I work in NYC, around Wall St. and South St. The city just unveiled a Dog Run on that corner todya, after taking away a Motorcycle parking area that held 200-300 motorcycle. No anouncement, just ine day they cloased it and rebuilt the area into a "Dogwalk". The city did nothing foir the folks that used to park there. The "Dogwalk" cost millions. Do you know a website for motorcycle riders, probably New York City riders, that may be interested in a massive demonstartiopn against Mr. Bloomberg's kingdom ?
    LFC ·
    Whats up yall this my first post just wanted holler. I will be looking for your help in the near future and will try to help you as much as i can. My thing is im always trying to find ways to modify and add on to my bike
    drmike ·
    Talked to Wanderingbear about a fm radio for my Honda Shadow W/Batwing fairing. He gave me good advice on where to go and that was great. Any other sugestions ?
    Mortikus ·
    Lol... amen... tried getting new pics today, but the sunlight killed my camera's ability... going to see if I can fix the images... photoshop time.
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