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  • Ebrg ·
    Hi. I set up another Curveball Tourney on the Arcade page, but I don't know how to post a link to it, or what I need to do, if anything, to run it. Thanks for the Info. Sounds like it could be fun...frustrating, but fun.
    LCSDRW ·
    Hey bro i listed a post about the march of dimes bike show if u can will u check it and let me know if its ok and help pass the word thanks
    TIGERX ·
    If you wouldn't mind maybe handing this off if you are swamped... I had requested my PGR award a year or so ago... Just if you have the time.. thanks
    vtxdoug ·
    I see u r from Greenville. I have had a VTX1300R 4 a couple years now and have 15K miles with no problems. Do you guys have any events planned? I live in Honea Path and have another friend with a VTX in Hodges.
    Big Guy ·
    Hi new to sending messages on computers. don't know what pm means. My 13 year old Granddaughter said just keep trying, its fun.
    I have a 58 jacket that is to small and a 56 that is to big. 5'9" 325+ hard to find any thing that fits good.
    Thanks Joe
    knuddy ·
    I sent a request to Big X requesting authorization to allow me to edit and modify my posting before being shut out by the automatic timer.

    Do Moderators' have the authority to make changes to allow this to be accomplished.
    80s2slow ·
    This is 80s2slow in NC, riding with the Carolina Cruisers 60 strong, looking for events this summer. Keep me posted.
    LCSDRW ·
    hey bro whats new do u still have those bags and do you have support brackets or do you use them thanks
    scvtx ·
    I'm requesting to be a member of the SC group. Can you tell me how to add a picture to my profile ?
    Big-X ·
    She said she will be happy to drive us down and pick us up...but she's not going to stay the 5 hours....she will go see a movie close by at the Epi Center and shop (she's doing that either way so come on down). Let me know if and how long and we can make pool and spaghetti plans. :)
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