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  • pastordave ·
    scar, i was reading over some the VTeXcerpts from previous months. Enjoyed your posts and opinions. Kind of left the dialogue over John 1 unfinished. Just wondering if there is any interest. If not it's all good. Trust all is well with you.

    johansen961 ·
    Need your help on my dads 1300c,can you please call me at 816-453-2274 after 10am central time on tuesday or email me your number so I can call you,you can reach me at [email protected]
    We have installed a hypercharger with the 185 main they sent,65 pilot jet and the needle shim,ran good for a week and now is running way to rich,we followed your directions on cutting the spring and the plastic tit off of needle holder.Would really like to talk to you for a moment to see if we can clear this up without going to the dealer and getting ripped off.
    backjudge1300 ·
    Scar...thanks for the reply.
    And yes, it was the vac line from the petcock that came off.
    Im learning thanks to this site and guys like yourself.
    I plan on gettin this thing dialed in today!
    backjudge1300 ·
    scar, did your carb mod. 1300c....added 2 shims (.040) and the needle was free.
    started it up. Bike ran. At this time I still had the air box off.
    I installed a Kury pro hyper and when I was finished, the bike wont start.
    I turns but wont fire. I started at 2.5 turns on the a/f and after the problem, tried it all over the place.
    Still wont fire. What am I not thinkin of?
    Bike was runnning great before I did all this.
    I also have Clayton mod stock pipes.
    rider_george ·
    Hi was wondering where you are located if close I may ride down to you I'm still haveing problems with my carb dealer says it'll take a jet kit to fix and about 300-600 bucks I can spend that on the road all I did was drill 5 holes in the pipes bike runs leann brought glens tool dont know if I even turned the a/f screw....thanks my email [email protected]
    backpack2004 ·
    I did the scar method and it works okay at this time. I have no idle, hardly, and it's running really rich... smoking a lot. It's also back-fires. I have a pro hyper charger and 2 inch cobra pipes. I have to shims under needle and set at 2 1/2 turns. Need help... please!
    pastordave ·
    Tried to send you a PM but it came back that you can't get them. Here is what I wrote.

    I know it has been a few months since you posted on the VT eXcerpts but I was wondering if you wanted to continue the dialogue. If not, it's all good but I thought I would ask. Trust you are doing well.

    DrakeTungsten ·
    I was told you're the resident carb expert. Last week my brother and I took apart my bike to adjust the a/f screw, but since I never looked it up, we couldn't find it and decided not to mess with it. So, we changed the oil, put the bike back together and it wouldn't start. Come to find out, my brother didn't hook up the vac line to the tank so it wasn't getting any fuel. Now it will start up and run, but only if I keep the throttle revved. I'm getting a pfft noise from either the carb or one of the hoses in the airbox. I get suction on both the airbox and the vac line. all hoses are connected properly and there are no kinks in the lines. The choke is also connected properly as far as I can tell. Any suggestions?
    bo_mull ·
    Hey scar
    I recently purchased a 2007 vxt1300 with v&h pipes and a dj stage 1 jetkit allready installed. My bike is cracking and popping in the exhaust when i am under a hard acceleration and I think it is because it is running lean. I went to the dealer and asked for the jet kit that came out of my bike and they gave it to me, the main jet doesnt have a 195 stamped on it anywhere it has a 1228 or 122B on it. Is this the correct jet for my bike?
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