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  • Garand ·
    Hello Shutterbug- I was browsing around and saw your pic- am particularly interested in the fairing on the bike. What is it? Thanks, John
    p.s. Still doing the Navy Reserve thing myself.....just got back from another little stint overseas, so maybe I can now fire up the 1300c.
    wanderingbear ·
    Don't know about the pipes but I love the Cobra. I was a crew chief on CH-53A in Nam. HMH-463 YOU CALL WE HAUL. Semper Fi 1966-1972
    Shutterbug ·
    Sorry for the very slow response, I spend most of my time on the ST1300 board. The smartpartz baffles will tone down your strippers when cruising at slower speeds, yet they will still bark on the freeway. You must take your time when installing them to align them correctly. If you don't have endcaps on your strippers, you may need them. The bike will also run slightly rich after install as well. They are worth the money.
    dinol70 ·
    Hi Shutterbug, I recently started a thread asking for advice on adding baffles for my HK strippers. Someone in the thread told me to contact you as you may have done this before. My question is, does it work, and can it actually be done. I purchased my 2005 X last year with hk pipes on it. It's a bit too loud and probably won't pass state inspection (RI). Any advice you have you be greatly appreciated. The baffle comes from Thanks in advance! Dean
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