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  • doninflorida ·
    Hello "CHIEF":
    Don here...own a '05 VTX1300C...want to know what max size tire can be installed on this bike without any conversion of factory structure? Also...just casual riding thru Tenn mtns of home...what tire recommendation? Appreciate your professional advice...please email me direct at "[email protected]"....Thanks again...Don & Lori Singer
    DTJB ·
    Hey Chief. I love the pics and my compliments on both of your babys. Will a rake kit like that go on a 1300r. I love that look.

    KYVTX1300c ·
    Hey Chief,

    could you give me some info on the 240 lowering kit? I think I am going to save my pennies and go that route over the winter...and I want to give the business to you if we are comparing apples to apples price wise.
    KYVTX1300c ·
    Chief, I sent you an email a little while ago...I have this paperwork filled out...actually the whom do I need to send it? I need fax numbers and i will send it off today.
    KYVTX1300c ·
    Chief thanks again for all the info yesterday my man, greatly appreciate it. I checked out your package deal for teh rake kit...WOW...I am now counting my pennies...that is exactly the look I want for my all that is "everything" needed down to the nuts and bolts? Look forward to picking your brain some more sometime soon.
    sherif hamouda ·
    hey Chief, i love your babies both of them absolutely i wanna ride you any way i am in egypt far away if you think to come just contact it will be my pleasure baby
    Fishbrains ·
    Hey chief. Absolutely love the bike. Once I can afford it I want to put the sideburners on mine. Any suggestions on where is a good place to buy?
    The Chief ·
    It is a bunch of BS - I Emailed him and told him to take it down! If he would have asked - I wouldn't have minded - Just stealing it is BS!
    Liketofixit ·
    Hey Cheif, How ya been? I was on maxr in the morning and I saw the post kage put out there about the pirated pic of your bike, that the guy on e-bay was useing on his Item for sale. What's up with that?
    CassNRob8385 ·
    hey chief, im down in cape may, nj. i was wondering if you are from here or ride this way...anyhow send me a message if you ever ride this way or if you are lookin for riders.

    charliehart1 ·
    hey "chief" .... where do you guys generally meet up. i would definitely be interested. i just signed up for that other website ill poke around a little later. thanks for the message
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