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  1. just order pro stage 3 jets

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    Great job doing is believing ! I did the kit and waiting for the weather to clear to blow out the dust ! :icon_peac:icon_peac
  2. VTX 1300 for the highway?

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    Highwaymiles The VTX1300 is made for the superslab!!. The bike can run all day at 80+ It is very comfortable the long wheel base makes the ride smooth as glass. Add equipment and passenger and enjoy.. The 1300 engine was made to run fast.. I got 18k on my 05 and 80% of my riding is on the...
  3. New Guy In The House

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    wd 40 on fork seals !! Come on!! on the 1300r your fork sliders are covered and can't spray wd40 on them unless you take cover off!!. If you only got 700 miles on it take it back to the dealer !! ny 2 cents worth later rob
  4. Did you buy new, or used?

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    Hi Bought mine new around October 04, it is an 05. Timing on buying is important. I live in cooler climate and the riding season is only 7 months ,hopefully. You can find some great deals after riding season, or before the new riding season. Dealers like to push bikes out year round so they will...
  5. How many Miles on a tank

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    :patriot: Ok Ok now this guy got a new bike !! Sooooooo the gas mileage he gets will be down alot till he gets about 2-3k miles on her. My 05 1300 was lucky to get 100 miles then it wanted reserve!!, but now after 8K she is up to 45-50 mpg if I relax the right hand !! Rob
  6. Baffles

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    Exhausts mods Like shiningtreeangler said you can drill the suckers for more sound and it is a easy job to do. What you do is to drill 6 evenly spaced 1/2" holes at the end of each exhaust pipe. You can take the exhaust off or just jack up the bike and drill away. Start off with a 1/4 or 1/8 "...
  7. Introductions:

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    HI U all. A newbie here and I got to say HI!! An't got much to say but I like to read!! Oh yea I like to ride to. But since oldman winter is staying at my place I can't ride so I got to read about bikes. And yes I got a VTX 1300R. Well I am done, hopefully I can add some input to this web...