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  • Vinish ·

    Like you, I am not overly skilled at messaging using these boards. I sure hope this is the right way for us to communicate here. Yes, I received your message. I would be delighted to help in any way I could. In fact, right now, my bike is torn apart. I am in the middle of putting on new handlebars, new chrome switch housings, new chrome switches, new chrome levers, running all the handlebar wires internally, relocating the front turn signal lights, and changing the four control cables from ugly black to braided stainless. We do not live on Adams so that is not my wife's VTX 1300 you have seen there. We live behind Frick's. It might be easier to communicate via normal email. You can email me at [email protected] Drop me a note anytime.


    Jim Young
    cefloyd66 ·
    Hello vinish- I haven't been on the cafe site for a couple weeks so I didn't see your message. I for sure am interested in any rides or other activities in the area! I also very much appreciate the offer of advice as well, as I do plan on doing all my own mods and service, and I will have questions for sure. Please let me know if you got this message as I'm not 100% sure if I'm sending it properly, and navigating the page is a bit confusing from my cell phone. Thanks again and look forward to meeting you! I've seen a nice looking vtx right around the corner from me on adams dr. You guys by chance?
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