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    you look like a friend of layzerdude. can you please tell me if he is still around, i wanted one of those covers for my lower trees for a 1300c 2006
    xman09 ·
    Hi wanderingbear, How is everthing going well I hope. Just wonted to let you know I never did get the bell you sent must have got lost in the mail. I did get one from a friend so I now have one. I have been thinking about getting a few bell hangers and maybe starting a new thread like the one for the bells. And thank you for the bell maybe someone got and can use it. P.S not the frist time something I have order was lost in the mail. Thanks and take care.
    Duchess Of Trikes ·
    Was looking at Rocket dog but it gets soo hot in the summer someone suggested putting a cooler pad in the bottom which is a good idea bbut the trailers are expensive so may look at a safer harnes she is small so can ride on me i have friends that ride their dogs on the tank but i dont like that if the pad was to slipp I wish someone would mahe a harness for this i know thei are quite a few of us that do ride with our pups. Have a good one. Karen
    Duchess Of Trikes ·
    LOL Yes you thought you met the B---H from H--L. haha no i know im just slow on the computor my husband is always kidding me about my lack of skills and poor spelling. so your wife has the same name has me i think you said she is called Karen too. so you see we do have something in common. My husband rides a Goldwing trike which was mine at first so i gave it to him when i got the x. Gracie the pup also rides she is a Delta Therapy dog and we visit the vA nursing home and other places. However need to find a safer way for her to ride i may post something asking for ideas at present she rides in a baby carry harness on me. Take care Karen.
    Duchess Of Trikes ·
    well its been a long time since i got on this site so having to work it all out again. If you do change the pipes i would be interested in them. Let me know Thanks
    plmsmith65 ·
    New to the group and thought I or I should say we (hubby too) wanted to say hi to you and after all we have read about you would love to meet up one of these days. We are here in south Lakeland and both ride VTX's he an 1800 and myself a 1300R. He's been riding for a while I have been riding about 2 months. Till later, ride safe.
    JoJoe ·
    hello wanderingbear you have a cool bike and i known enjoying it every chane you have godbless bro ;jojoe
    Duffer ·
    I received a call from a good friend, Charlie, in Central Fl, near Leesburg, saying he has cancer. I live in Virginia and I want to plan a 3 or 4 day ride around FL with him before his treatments begin. Looking for ideas/places to ride. Tenatively planning mid November. My email [email protected] if you have any input. cheers, D/II
    Kandie ·
    Hi Wanderingbear, Someone told me I should PM you about Motor Trike kit. see my post I put on today. Trying to find out more info on them. I have a 2006 VTX 1300C and am thinking about triking it. Thank you, Kandie
    broncofan_27 ·
    New to the forum here, saw your profile pic, the American flag, with the powmia flag behind it, gave me the chills, awesome picture. Thanks
    texman ·
    Hello Jerry. I'm a newby and just saw the picture of your bike and woulf like to say it looks great and is set up pretty much the way I'm looking to do when I get my bike. Could you tell my where I would find your hard cases at? Thank you.....
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