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  • G3Truks ·

    I'm looking hard at a Kawasaki 1700. My thinking is that I can spend $2-$3K on the X and get what I want or I can let my son have the X and just buy the bike with the options already on it. Are the Kaws good? Any problems with yours?

    lamar984 ·
    I responed to your PM earlier, let me know if you received it or not. This site is still new to me so finding my way around is still a learning curve for me.
    MetalheadDave ·
    Hey Whiskeyrockr,

    You've had some knowing input on a few threads that I've posted in, specifically the ones about the ipod/shark and my Honda Magna thread. I just read a thread where you say that you're a Kawi man, and you recommended a few different bikes as alternatives to the Magna, amongst them the Kawi 900.
    Well I'll be damned if last week we were checking out dealers and the gf really was drawn to a 900 classic lt on the floor.

    I don't want to hijack a thread, nor start a Kawi thread on a VTX site. Anything that you could tell me to look for as an owner of this bike? It seems well constructed and I love the idea of fuel injection, but like the Magna, I'm a bit uninformed about it. The weather should be in the hi-40's and dry Friday, so she's already pressing me to head up there for a ride. Any input or opinion would be appreciated.
    joelow ·
    RE: there's a lot of that going on I asked for help putting photos up of cycle stand..............nothing from anyone,,,,,,,hmmmmmmmm??? I guess there is a lot of a lot of things going on ..........kkkkk
    Scooter Geezer ·
    OK, where is that you haul that Chemlube base oil?? Or is it finished product that is bottled and labeled?

    I wonder where Honda buys their synthetic oil?

    Sure thought we were friends already and not sure what happened to you but I got you back now brother. Have you found another bike already ?
    Bajan Roots ·
    Hey Bro, I came back to the site after a couple months away. Your presence is missed. Hope all is well with you, the family and all your book learnin'.
    Be well, RooTs
    wanderingbear ·
    I'll take the baffles if you'd like to part with them. I'll give you my address and you can let me know what you need for shipping, I'll Pm
    Thank Whiskey, I'll be sure to pay it forward. Jerry
    pastordave ·
    Doing well Whiskey. Sure is a lot more boring on the site without your wit, etc. Got to ride today. Still smiling even though I came home about an hour ago. Hope to see your lemon head on the site soon.

    doc_63 ·
    Hey Brother. I hope all is well with your new venture. I havent touched base in a while and just wanted to give you a shout. Be safe and good luck.
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