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  • Redrum ·
    I need your email address...finally remembered about the pics from hatteras!!! I'll send them to you!
    Sorry for the delay...Klaus
    Wizza ·
    On my red bike I took the whole part and relocated it to the chrome side spear. I have another set that I already trimmed down to a shorter length but you will need some of the black part to mate up with the fender unless you want to do a lot to modify stock signals. I will send you a couple pictures and you can notice the difference.
    doug53142 ·
    I was looking at the pic of your bike and noticed your rear turn signals on your fender. Are these stock? If so how did you mount them , part #s for hardware. Also do you have the black pice still on them ? I'm trying to find a way to do away with the black part that attaches to the chrome signal. Any help would be greatly appreciative. Thanks
    dirtdobber ·
    I inherited 1 set you might say. I helped a fellow member here and he could not get them to fit. As soon as I get my tins back from my painter I will be checking what they fit. They are suppose to fit a 1800. I could sell 1. I had planned on putting them on my grandsons retro but he likes the C pipe so I will be leaving it like that. I will make a contact you in the near future. If I have not contacted you in at least by January send me a PM. They are in good shape but will have the bendable heat shield instead of the chrome.
    Wizza ·
    It is called a Whippet. They can be bought from a variety of retailers with all sorts of lengths and coor combinations.
    Papa's VTX ·
    I believe I have clicked on that because I don't see that link now. Also, the site indicates that I am a member but "NC Riders Group" does not appear in my post.
    Wizza ·
    My wheels are polished by Precision Plating in Yucca Valley California. The polishing cost 250 each wheel and I had to have the tire removed and repolaced/balanced afterwards....

    thanks hope it helps.

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