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  1. Irma

    General VTX/Motorcycle Topics
    We have family in Ft Lauderdale and they said if it gets bad we will head to Orlando. :banghead: If the highways are packed and not flowing it will be hard to get out of there. Don't wait until it's too late!!
  2. Help planning BRP trip

    Planned Rides
    Check out Little Switzerland...their restaurant has a FANTASTIC blackened Prime Rib. Also, the loop from there down 226A to 226 and back up is a blast! Gas...
  3. Gas in the vicinity of the BlueRidge Parkway. This question is asked alot...

    General VTX/Motorcycle Topics
    Thread updated.
  4. Who rides with ear plugs or headphones?

    General VTX/Motorcycle Topics
    I wear custom made ear plugs...mainly after the bug in the ear incident a few years back in the Smokie Mtns... (do a search). However, with all the ringing in my right ear I'm wishing I had wore them years ago. :(
  5. West virginia summer ride 2017

    Planned Rides
    Yea, Summer is getting tight. Granddaughters birthday is June 5th, Grandson July 13th and upcoming Grandson July 14th....need to talk to my son about what he's doing in October. :tapfoot:
  6. West virginia summer ride 2017

    Planned Rides
    Well I'm going to have to cancel my room. Our next grandchild is due in July and the C-section is scheduled for..... July 14th. First grandchild we didn't know about until a few months after, the 2nd we were in Alaska, we can't miss the birth of another one. ?. We have a grandson on the way...
  7. West virginia summer ride 2017

    Planned Rides
    Yea, that's basically the same route I take from there....sounds like a plan. Doesn't sound like a I'm retired, no reason to get up that early anymore. :)
  8. West virginia summer ride 2017

    Planned Rides
    I usually take 18 out of Wilkesboro to hwy 16 and take that into Welch...nice route and not an If it's raining I'll go a different route.
  9. What is your favorite Mod/Addition to your 1800

    Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    The Ultimate seats so far but I agree, the Tsukayu Quick Release Hard Bags is a CLOSE second.
  10. West virginia summer ride 2017

    Planned Rides
    Just a reminder for those riding up from the south (or anywhere). The roads in the mining areas can be VERY SLICK if any rain starts to fall!! (riding up in a few years back a few of us Terry, Cindy, and us) we coming into Welch and the road was like ice (and it was warm).
  11. West virginia summer ride 2017

    Planned Rides
    Got my room reservation, suite#2.
  12. VTX Cafe Tee Shirt Ordering Information

    Community Help
    Yes, I think they are. Maybe other people can reply who have bought them. But I would be happy to send a different size as long as we share the shipping fee.
  13. Surgery update....

    Off Topic Discussions
    I don't care for selfies... Doc Epi??? Are you sure?
  14. Question One last noise

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Just what I was going to post....
  15. New to VTX Cafe 2006 VTX1300R

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Simple test. Get going 60-80 MPH and if you have highway bars extend your legs out...get them up against the tank. Did your issues go away with this? I'm always amazed at hoe much better my bike rides when I get my knees up against the tank....
  16. Now tell us what's new...

    Off Topic Discussions is now working....
  17. HAT'S off to Glenn at Woody's Faings

    General VTX/Motorcycle Topics
    I have a Woody's fairing and it is awesome, but as Bassdude said the mount needs's a few radiator hose clamps attached to the triple trees. The fairing itself is awesome, just wish the mounting was better.
  18. Been a while. Here's some pics of a custom VTX project I completed recently

    General VTX/Motorcycle Topics
    Sweet! When can I pick it up??
  19. Busy day today...

    General VTX/Motorcycle Topics
    Looks fantastic! Polishing the fins is a huge task...HOURS on HOURS of sanding, the 1300 at least lets you take off the top of the heads....the 1800 is even a more PITA!!!
  20. Happy Birthday Gonzo

    Off Topic Discussions
    Ditto....Happy Birthday Jim. :)
1-20 of 385 Results