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VTX 1300C
Purchased this one just over a month ago. She needed a little TLC and I wanted something for some fun short hops (there's a Streetglide for the long trips - it has 6 gears after all). After a few mods and a couple of repairs, I took her out on her inaugural ride (a three-hour trip) and she did great. All that's left is to buff out the paint.


New Kuryakyn 1765 Mirrors, Kuryakyn 2268 (amber) turn signal bezels on the front and 2269's (red) on the rear, Memphis shades 7341 bullet fairing, Saddleman Profiler seat, and seat bolt knurled thumb nut (after broken stud repaired) and Cobra bungee knobs where bags were removed. Put a 20% tint on the rear taillight to match new turn signal lenses as well as a Highway Hawk cover.



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Nice work and Mods- looks great! Hey do you know what type of pipes those are? I'm removing a similar set from my 2010 VT1300CR- they sound great but Im taking the bike back to mainly stock. Tks- Will

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They're Cobra's (I don't know the particular model). It originally had slanted tips (and the ends are offset if that helps identify the model). The guy I bought the bike from had pulled the tips off and baffles out. I like the sound and the carbs are dialed-in correctly, so I figured I'd just leave well enough alone (I had issues with the tips working loose on my previous X, and that would change the backpressure enough to cause it to run rough). I will say, if you go back to stock pipes it's gonna sound "extremely" quiet. I always thought the stock pipes on the X sounded a little tinny (for lack of a better word). There was just this strange sound to them from vibration. Regardless, best of luck with your pipes!