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    Welcome to the Cafe' from the booming metropolis of Wallburg, NC.

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    Welcome from NJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by cepak4772 View Post
    I am new to a vtx. I have a 2007 vtx1300, previously rode a 1996 Kawasaki vn750. I was just inquiring of the "quirks"of the bike and if there is anything I should now.
    Thanks in advance, Levi.

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    Yes, neck bearings are notoriously bad, to test find a relatively smooth strip of lightly traveled road. Run the bike up to about 40 mph, remove your hands from the bar but hover over it and let it decel down to 25mph, if the bars begin to shimmy (the dreaded death wobble) then the steering bearings need to be replaced with All Balls Tapered Roller Bearings. If it doesn't wobble and it has more than 5,000 miles on it then congratulations you are the only owner of a 1300 who still has a good set of Schwinn bicycle bearings on their 1300 in the world.

    If the bike has over 10,000 miles on it and the final drive splines have not been serviced they should be (every ~ 10,000 miles). You will need to pull the rear wheel and clean and add molly PASTE (not grease) to the drive splines (inside the rear hub on the left rear) and the driven splines (on the left side of the rear tire). While you are at it probably a good idea to drain and refill the final drive gear case.

    Check the condition of your brake fluid, front reservoir and rear reservoir. If the fluid is cloudy it needs to be replaced.

    That should be a good start!

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