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  1. Looking for a 2004 VTX 1300 S fuel tank

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    I have searched ebay and the ones there that are in decent shape are very expensive with nice paint. I don't need it to be painted just no dents and no rust. This is for a Veteran restore project that I am working on. My bike was stolen and returned in bad shape. I was given a 1800 by a...
  2. 1300 VTX Bobber/Ratrod for Sale!

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    2004 VTX 1300 Bobber | $3,100 obo This thing is a beast; if you're looking for a bagger/cruiser, this isn't it. If you wanna ride something different then anybody else, have people say "THAT'S A HONDA!!???", then this is in your wheelhouse. She is not the first VTX I've tuned/built but is the...
  3. Rear Fender Upgrade?

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    Ok, so I have a 1300s, I'm gonna need to replace my rear fender some point (there's a number of places where rust is bubbling through and the paint is flaking off) and I've always quite fancied the look of the low-slung fenders (front and rear). Are there any options out there which would fit...
  4. Carb AF setting frustration

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    Background 04 1300c Hypercharger, VH Big Shots jets: 200/58 NGK plugs new, Stock needle with one shim I've messed with fine tuning this bike for more than 8 months with mostly success (recently trying to lean out slightly to get plugs a little more on the brown side). I've had...
  5. Question vtx steering wobble on deceleration?

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    Folks, I'm seeing numerous posts about VTX1300's have a known issue with steering wobble around 40 to 45 mph while decelerating. What is your experience with this?
  6. Hello from the UK!

    Introduce yourself and say hello if you like...
    So after riding a 125cc Shadow for 9 years I was desperately looking to step up my biking game a notch, so when I saw an ad for a 1300 vtx nearby I figured it was worth a look! The test ride was short and sweet but once I had gotten over the size and weight of this thing I was sold, and soon...
  7. For Sale: 2004 Honda VTX1300S Eastern PA $4000

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    2004 Honda VTX 1300 < 12,000 miles Windshield, passenger seat, sissy bar, J&M cb radio, quick release hard saddle bags, kuryakyn iso grips and throttle boss, kuryakyn lay down curved license plate holder, Cobra exhaust
  8. Want to buy: VTX 1300 passenger seat. 2004

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    Hello I just purchased a 2004 vtx 1300c and it came with a Mustang studded front seat that i love but i am looking for a rear seat for my wife to ride with me. It doesn't have to be a mustang but i would like to have something similar to the wide touring seat. Let me know if anyone has something...
  9. Urgent Help Need to work on bike, not sure I should do it myself...

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Hey guys -- Really hoping I can get some help here. I can't ride my bike and the season is almost over... I don't have much experience (anything but an oil change) with maintaining/working on my Honda VTX1300S. I really want to get to know my bike and learn how to work on it on my own. All in...
  10. For Sale: 2003 Honda VTX 1800 C Only 9k miles! $5750

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    Here's the Craigslist link to my ad. As mentioned in the ad, has PCIII, Mustang seats, and some additional extras.
  11. V&H Cruzer Exhaust

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    Hi Everyone, I'm cross-posting this from another thread that I had going on the 1800 board, albeit that one was on another subject :). Was wanting to see if anyone had thoughts on the V&H Cruzer exhaust system? I've been thinking about possibly adding the system to my 1300 this winter and...
  12. For Sale: Polished 1300 Final Drive for your 1800

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    I have a polished 1300 differential that was on my 1800. I put the 1800 differential back on. I liked the low rpm cruising and long first/second gear with the 1300 final drive... but at heart, I'm more of a torque lover. The part is in great shape inside and out. I will sell for $80 plus shipping.
  13. Sched. ride this weekend - speedo waves, display flickers, engine loses power. Help?!

    *** The Shop ~ I NEED URGENT MOTORCYCLE HELP!! ***
    Bike: 2003 VTX 1300R, no functional mods; just a little chrome & leather. ~48,500 km (30,000 mi) ------------------------------------------------- Hey there VTXers (and friends): Went for a 3-hour breakfast ride and this happened: On the trip out: First 30 mins: a-ok Next 30 mins: speedo...
  14. For Sale: Barons BAK for VTX 1300

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    This Barons BAK is in flawless condition. Not a scratch on it. I'm only selling because I went to a Pro R. Price is $195 for everything (including shipping) except the Jets. (Only 2 came with it. I'm still using them) Text or call 610-207-5883. Or email [email protected] Thanks
  15. Engine knock after warmed up

    *** The Shop ~ I NEED URGENT MOTORCYCLE HELP!! ***
    I have a 2006 VTX 1300C. 4000 Miles. Starts sounds great rides awesome but after it warms up it develop a faint deep knocking that is consistent with wrist pin/piston slap. It has not progressed says consistent. It sure doesn't sound like valve train noise. I don't see any metal in the oil...
  16. New Guy

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    Hello, I just purchased a 2006 VTX 1300C it has 3750 original miles. The machine runs and drives excellent. I bought Honda because I have been a fan. In my opinion the finest recreational vehicles made. With that said.... What are the things to look out for with this beast besides speeding...
  17. For Sale: VTX 1300 C OEM Parts (Kansas) - Prices Negotiable

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    I have the following Honda VTX 1300 OEM parts available for sale. These parts are in good condition I am just replacing them with aftermarket parts. Rear Wheel and Tire - 400.00 Rear Fender - 300.00 Rear Struts - 50.00 Rear Shocks - 100.00 Stock unmodified swing arm - 150.00 C&C Flame Stitched...
  18. New member- new bike

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    Hey guys! My name is Josh, I live in Boynton Beach Florida. I bought a 2005 Honda VTX 1300 abut two months ago. I love the bike! I recently got it fully serviced. (oil change, new plugs, etc.) Two days after I got her back home, I wen to start her, and... nothing...(It was running the day...
  19. Question need fender help

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    will a 1300S rear fender go on a 1800? I need a S or R rear fender for my 1800 and there is more 1300 fender available and cost less also. but i need absolutely positive confirmation that it will fit. I want to buy 1 before Monday. if you have done this please let me know.
  20. Question Glen's Permanent A/F tool - Where does the adjustment knob come out?

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    I’ve just performed a “Penta Micro Air Box Mod”, but in my case it is only a “triple” micro mod, as I only added three scoops to my air box.!-quot-Penta-Micro-Charger-quot-15-tunable-and-nice-performance-gain I will be doing the “Hole...