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  1. For Sale: 2006 1300C For Sale in Houston $4,200

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    Hey guys, It's been a long time since I've been on here, but I'm trying to sell my beloved VTX. I'm moving to the Fort Worth area, and won't have the same space to keep her garaged. I'm attaching some photos and the craigslist link if you're interested. Let me know...
  2. For Sale: For Sale: 2007 1300C with 7K miles

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    <Price removed per request of OP.> I'm selling my 2007 1300C to make room for other toys. This bike looks and runs like the day I brought it home and has 7200 miles on it now. It has had 7 synthetic oil/filter changes in that mileage. This bike is in excellent mechanical shape and needs...
  3. For Sale: For Sale: 1300C Stock Seat (like new)

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    Stock 2007 VTX1300C seat for sale in like new condition, less than 6000 miles on it, and it's always been garage kept. $60 O.B.O. plus shipping from Wisconsin. Contact: [email protected]
  4. For Sale: 06 vtx 1300c - $3750

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    Selling my 06 1300C. Has about 14,000 miles on her. Runs perfectly, just put a new battery in her. Selling in the Wichita KS area. comes with backrest, rear seat, and highway bars. [email protected]
  5. For Sale: 07 VTX 1300C Stock Pipes and bracket for sale

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    I got myself some nice Cobra Speedsters. No need for the stock pipes, in near perfect condition. Name your price! I'm moving and need to clean out the garage.
  6. For Sale: 2007 VTX 1300c for sale

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    Selling my 07 VTX 1300c. It's a one owner bike with only 5400 miles and lots of upgrades. including: Mustang Seats, Progressive rear shocks, Memphis Shades detachable windshield, Barron's Big Air Kit (with K&N filter), Kuryakyn highway pegs, foot pegs, handlebar grips, and transformer backrest...
  7. Urgent Help No speedometer or left turn signal

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    Hey Guys, I'm headed out on a trip in about 5 weeks and I have no speedometer, odometer, left turn signal or any lights on the cluster except green neutral (when applicable) and red oil before I start the engine. I checked the voltage and ground on the green plug under the tank for the...
  8. For Sale: VTX 1300C Mustang Driver and Passenger Seat with Driver backrest

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    ***SOLD*** Wide Touring Two-Piece Studded Seat with Driver Backrest. The deeply pocketed 17" wide driver seat sits you at the ideal cruising angle. The 12.5" wide passenger seat utilizes Mustang's unique internal steel support wings. All styles feature a skirt with braided edge trim. The...
  9. 1300C Side Cover

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    Hey all! My chrome side cover for my 2004 1300c fell off as I was riding on the highway the other day. I can't seem to find a replacement for just the right side. It is all coming in pairs and for over $100. Does anyone have a side cover they aren't using anymore? :) Or know where I can...
  10. Urgent Help 2007 VTX 1300c - Unable to accelerate without backfire

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    Bought the bike in 2009 with 2400 miles, now have about 19k and kept up with routine maintenance every 4k at reputable dealer (Team Powersports in Garner, NC). *About three years ago drilled out pipes (loved the results!), added K&N filter for extra air flow. *Started getting backfire on...
  11. Question Back to Stock Air Cleaner from Kuryakyn - Help!

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    Hello everyone! So I bought a beautiful VTX 1300C 2006 with 5K on it six months ago for too low and I have been loving it. The rider bought it for his wife, rechromed it, custom painted it (he's a body shop guy,) and it was a bad choice for her first bike, (new rider, 5'0" 100lbs, literally no...
  12. Want to buy: Floorboards 1300c

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    Looking for used floor boards and mounting hardware that will fit my 1300c. I am searching ebay as well. Let me know if any of you have a set in good condition. Thanks!:mosh:
  13. Want to buy: Aftermarket pipes for a 1300c are there any out there?

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    Just bought a 2006 1300c and am looking for some aftermarket pipes, the stock ones are just a little quiet for my taste. Anyone out their have any aftermarket pipes they are looking to sell?
  14. Question 1300C Hard bags

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    Looking for feedback on Tsukayu hardbags for the 1300C. Thanks.
  15. Selling my bike, how much should I ask?

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    I am selling my bike :-( but I'm not sure what it's worth. Could someone that isn't interested in buying it give me a starting point? Chrome Handle Grips--$21.94 Brake Pads--$18.50 C&C Seat--$349.96 Dyna Beads--$23.99 Internatrix Alarm--$169 RC Components "Vega" Polished wheels and Matching...
  16. 30 years later and I'm back in a saddle

    Introduce yourself and say hello if you like...
    Hello I'm Jimmy T from coastal South Carolina and I had a 750 but traded in my toys for baby cribs. Kids are all grown and I shopped for about a year for a motorcycle to get back on and bought a 2006 1300C about a month ago and I love it. I have enjoyed reading the previous post with advice and...
  17. Question Looking for Photos of Passenger Floorboards for 2007 VTX 1300C with stock exhaust

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    I am trying to figure out the best passenger floorboards for my 2007 VTX 1300C with stock exhaust. I have done alot of research and I am not able to find photos of the various floorboards mounted on a 2007 VTX 1300C. All of the vendors show stock photos and don't show my specific model If...
  18. For Sale: 2004 1300C (Silver) w/ Ground Pounder -- Pops!

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    The time has come for me to sell my beloved VTX. I have owned this bike since the summer of 2007 and it has provided me with many great (and trouble-free) experiences and memories. It has just over 39,500 miles and I am asking $4700. Fresh oil and final drive lube. XtremeRevolution "Ground...
  19. Trade: vtx1300c rear wheel for 1800c rear wheel

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    Looking to swap rear wheels to do the foots mod, on my 2006 1300c. I'm in New Hampshire if anyone is interested in swapping. Email me [email protected]
  20. Question 2007 1300C Deceleration Rattle

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    So oviously my 2007 1300C is a shaft drive, but I've been noticing more often, that when I'm decelerating, there's a loud rattle coming from under my bike. It sounds like a chain popping or slapping against the frame. This bike is my daily rider and at highway speeds it purrs like a kitten, but...