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  1. Introduce yourself and say hello if you like...
    So I have been a member here for a little bit now and have gotten to talk to some good people. I had done a basic introduction for the bike but not so much myself. This is a longer read so here ya go 👍 In my state you can legally ride when you turn 14. My dad is the one who got me into riding...
  2. Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    If anyone has a vtx 1800 for cheap in Alabama that just needs work I would like to buy one to work on 3k or less only
  3. 1800 Parts /Accessories For Sale
    Putting my bike back together after getting run over. Looking for a rear fender and the inner grab rail. Thanks!
    $1,234 USD
  4. 1800 Parts /Accessories For Sale
    You guys know my bike is listed. Well, most of you have a bike. I doubt a local buyer is interested in all of my gear like my brothers here may be. Here's a few things that will be sold in addition to my bike.... - Bike Floor Jack - this is the aluminum 1500 lb version that's great for lifting...
  5. *** The Shop ~ I NEED URGENT MOTORCYCLE HELP!! ***
    I just bought a 2002 VTX 1800 about 3 weeks ago so I’m not too familiar with it yet. So what’s going on is I was doing a sort of “deep clean” so I partially removed the rear fender to clean underneath and disconnected all the rear wires from the quick connects in the process, afterward I go to...
  6. Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    How much should the 8000 Mile Service cost on a VTX1800? I get the feeling the only Honda dealer in the area is ripping me off. Unfortunately, they have no competition to worry about. I can't do the work myself.
  7. Wisconsin VTX Riders
    Hi .. Its been a while, I have just returned to this site. Any one from Wisconsin still here? I ride a 2006 VTX 1800C with a Turbo on it. I would love to do some rides. Talk soon Mike
  8. Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    Hey Folks, Has anyone had to clean their fuel tank on a 2003 VTX 1800R? My bike has sat in a garage for many years and even though I have tried to take great care of it, the fuel that was left in the tank has left its mark on everything in the tank. I have done some research on how to clean the...
  9. Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    Ok, lets start from the beginning. 02 1800C with just under 100,000 km. Prior to the current problem, I completed the ground fix, and have not had an issue with it since it was done last season. Two days ago I went for a ride and 2 minutes after heading out the engine began to pop, sputter and...
  10. Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    Has anyone ever heard a set of these in person? I can't hardly find anything on the internet with them. They're all on VTX 1300's which isn't going to sound anything close to the 1800. I'm debating on either the Cobra Slashdown pipes, or the Freedom Combat pipes. I can't make a decision based on...
  11. Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    Hello, I am new to this forum. I was previously a member of the VT Café, but I sold my Honda Interstate. I now currently own a 2007 VTX 1800T so quite the upgrade that I am very happy about. I have been struggling to find exhausts for this specific model. I don't know why it is so difficult to...
  12. 1800 Bikes For Sale
    Vtx1800n3 corbin seat, corbin beetle bags, full fairing (paint match) 2 heights of wind shields, excellent condition, DG HARD CHROME exhaust, new grips, wind shield bag **-martin county florida** $8000.00
  13. Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    Replaced VTX1800 clutch is STILL slipping. Bike can sit in gear with lever released and it just sits there. Revving the engine will produce VERY LITTLE movement. Back story. Bike sat for a couple years (previous owner died so I have no history). Owners brother drove it the day before I got...
  14. 1800 Parts /Accessories For Sale
    I am looking for a set of corbin beetle bags or wittco MM08 saddle bags for my 1800F I like the look of both and before I decide to buy new want to see if there are any used ones out there.
  15. Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    This machine is in pristine condition. 2nd owner and never been down. It deserves a good home! New Dunlop Elite 3 tires Summer 2016 New Motobatt High Performance Battery Summer 2016 Saddleman Custom Seat Freedom Performance Full Exhaust Kuryakyn Spike Air Cleaner Power Commander 5 with custom...
  16. Performance Upgrades/Mods
    Anyone running a cobra 2000? I have a 1800 (2003) just added the 2000. I have not seen much of a mileage increase or much power increase. A note though, I have not ridden it many miles since the addition. Any feed back would be great!
  17. 1800 Bikes For Sale
    Here's the Craigslist link to my ad. As mentioned in the ad, has PCIII, Mustang seats, and some additional extras.
  18. Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    Swapping out final drive after losing 2 drive shafts in 20K, need tips & tools info Hi Gents and gals, Long time VTX cafe'er, new log on since it's been awhile. Long story short once my VTX1800R hit 106,000 miles I have since had two and likely now a 3rd drive shaft & coupling round out. So I...
  19. 1800 Parts /Accessories For Sale
    I am selling the stock fenders off of my 2002 VTX 1800S along with all of the chrome trim and taillight assembly. These fenders fit the R and S models and can be modified to fit other VTX models as well. I decided to have some custom fenders made for my bike, so now I need to clear up some space...
1-19 of 59 Results