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    My front turn signals are erratic. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. When they do work, there is a 5 to 10 sec lag in time before they come on. I've taken the switch apart, checked it and cleaned it. No luck. The rears seem okay. It could be turn signal module behind the right side...
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    Description: The Mustang model number for this seat is 79271. I've been through three seats on my 2003 VTX 1800C, looking for that "perfect fit" for me. I got this seat for Christmas in 2013 and rode with it last season. While it is a well-made, great seat, it still wasn't the perfect seat for...
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    I've been having a distinct clank noise coming from what sounds to be the front of the bike at low RPMs. The bike does not make the noise at any engine speed unless the bike is in gear. It occurs on acceleration, deceleration, but not over 4th gear. It doesn't feel like the clutch is...
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    Brand new pipes. Still in unopened box and comes with official Cobra warranty. $360 plus s&h. Compatible with 02-08 1800C/F. If interested please call or text 562-756-5691
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    Is anyone running the Commander II tires on their 1800C? Michelin makes a 180/65-16 compared to the VTX's 180/70-16 so I wouldn't think a 5% difference in the aspect ratio would present much of a problem. The 55 difference only makes a 7/10 of an inch difference in diameter and about 1/3 of an...
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    Leatherlyke bags for 1800c I have Leatherlyke hard studded saddlebags with conchos and mounting bolts from my 2004 1800c. Are in nice shape. I put a set of HD streetglide bags on and need room in the garage...make me an offer I can't refuse... pics to come....these retail for $489.00 new...
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    Just got my bags in was wondering if anybody had some tips to placement and mounting of these bags on this bike. I am wondering how to mock them up before actually drilling to get a good idea of how they are going to look and fit. Also anyone wired the lights up to the electrical system any...
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    Looking to swap rear wheels to do the foots mod, on my 2006 1300c. I'm in New Hampshire if anyone is interested in swapping. Email me [email protected]
  9. 2007 1800C

    2007 1800C

    Just had the fairing and side covers painted to match.
  10. 2007 1800C

    2007 1800C

    Side shot, get a better view of the Ultimate Seat and side covers
  11. WellsDT VTX 1800C

    WellsDT VTX 1800C

    My 2002 VTX 1800C with a few mods.
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    Hi everyone - new to the forum, figured it would be easier to drop a line and see if anyone is looking to sell a couple items I'm looking for. I ride a 2004 1800C. Some items I'm looking for: Highway bars w/pegs (or) Highway pegs Pipes (aftermarket) Drag bars If any one has these for sale -...
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    Does anyone have and use their 1800C trailer hitch? Seriously considering one of their trailers too as I have had one in the past. That's about the only way my family can travel on the bikes and take enough gear for a family riding vacation. Either that or......get another Wing...
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    I'm in a pickle. I want the best of both worlds. I own an 08 1800F2 and I want to change my seat. I have looked at both Ultimate X and Mustang as my choices. I want a backrest as a must and I want a softer seat like the Ultimate. I have already talked to Des, they can't make an F seat with a...
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    I am looking to replace my current plastic throttle tube with a metal (aluminum), rough finish replacement. Honda do not sell throttle tubes on their own. I was hoping to find something (even if from another brand) that will work for 1 inch bars and the right assembly. Recommendations would be...
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    Unfortunate accident left Tank smashed and left forward control smashed up. In need of both parts ASAP. Color ofthe tank or knicks & scratches not relevant, will be stripped and repainted, just no rediculous dents (already have a tank like that). Drop me a private message if you have either...
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    For Sale, stock bar risers from 2003 1800c, $50
  18. *** The Shop ~ I NEED URGENT MOTORCYCLE HELP!! ***
    ok, this is the deal, i have a 06 1800, that after 1 week of running in GA, now has some big issues. Normally i am in TX. i just had a service done before trucking it over here. now at any speed and in any gear, it seems to be starving for fuel. what i notice that if i move the throttle back...
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    I have a like new full exhaust system for a 07 VTX 1800C asking 150.00 not including shipping.:choppersm
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    Hello, I have a 2004 1800C. It has the Mustang solo seat, saddle bags with brackets, and a HondaLine Deluxe sissy bar. I am wanting to be able to easily remove the Sissy Bar and Bags/Brackets for days when my wife is not riding with me and go solo. Is there any kits to make these removable or...