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  1. Upgrades/Modifications
    I have this stupid air box that came on the bike and I hate it. Everything online seems sketchy as to what you’re actually buying. Anybody have experience with a specific band or a specific upgraded box?
  2. 1300 Parts /Accessories For Sale
    All came off '07 vtx 1300s, not sure the matching on other but listed will be; Highway bars $175 windsheild with brackets $240 Stock airbox $40 Stock bars $50 also a set of buckhorn bars with a 3.5" center $40 Also have a set of motion pro cables new. $65 Price plus S&H ISO Forward controls...
  3. Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    I’ve just performed a “Penta Micro Air Box Mod”, but in my case it is only a “triple” micro mod, as I only added three scoops to my air box.!-quot-Penta-Micro-Charger-quot-15-tunable-and-nice-performance-gain I will be doing the “Hole...
  4. Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    I know this is a pretty common question, but I think I have done everything, and I cant seem to stop the backfiring on de-accel. I have: resealed the Cobra headers with new press washers rejetted the main jet from 185 to 195 what else can be done to get rid of backfiring? I rode it for a bout...
  5. 1300 Parts /Accessories For Sale
    This air box in new(never mounted) and includes everything you need to install. See my ebay ad I decided to go a different route after I bought it, so my loss is your gain.
1-5 of 6 Results