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air intake

  1. Dealerships blowing smoke about aftermarket air intakes?

    Performance Upgrades/Mods
    Hey all, first time poster long time lurker. I have an 03 vtx 1300r, I have added the vance and hines big shots exhaust and have plans to remove the PAIR valve and already bought the dimpled block off plates. for me step 2 this coming cold season was to add an intake and factory pro stage 3...
  2. 2007 VTX1300C Bogs down above 1/2 throttle

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Hi, Recently on my 1300 I replaced the air filter with a K&N, Switched the pipes with V&H Big Shots, i also re-jetted the bike with recommended kit. The bike seems to run fine except when in gear and going above 1/2 throttle. it still has momentum, not acceleration and really boggy. In the...
  3. Question Back to Stock Air Cleaner from Kuryakyn - Help!

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Hello everyone! So I bought a beautiful VTX 1300C 2006 with 5K on it six months ago for too low and I have been loving it. The rider bought it for his wife, rechromed it, custom painted it (he's a body shop guy,) and it was a bad choice for her first bike, (new rider, 5'0" 100lbs, literally no...
  4. Urgent Help BAK installation issue

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    I am in the middle of a BAK install. According to the instructions, I installed the PAIR valve block plates. Now I removed the hoses that feed back to the part of in pic 4. Now I am supposed to plug the vacuum tube that goes from this part, the carb, and between the cylinders. The BAK kit...
  5. Kuryakyn Hypercharger in the Way

    Performance Upgrades/Mods
    I have a 2003 VTX 1800C and the previous owner put on a Kuryakyn Pro-R hypercharger and when I am riding the hypercharger gets in my way. For instance, if the hypercharger was 3 inches forward I feel as though it would not get in my way. Is there another performance air intake that will not get...
  6. Air intake

    Performance Upgrades/Mods
    So I looking to upgrade my air intake, and looking for suggestions. I currently have a K&N filter, and did the scar mod. I would like some input on the hyperchargers and the cone intakes. Some on here say it doesn't make a difference in performance, that they are just for looks. Any suggestions...