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air/fuel mix

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    I have just purchased a 2004 VTX1300 with 35K miles. The bike has a Kuryakyn hypercharger, and after market exhaust.The previous owner is not able to give me any information about modifications done to the bike. (He bought it when it was a couple of years old, and has not modified anything...
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    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a 2006 VTX 1300C and have had some difficulty in cold starting. I just purchased the permanent a/f mod from Glens Garage. Called and talked to Glen and found him to be very helpful on the phone. Made several suggestions which I am going to try.
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    I have to adjust the air/fuel mix. My Clymer repair manual says to use a 90 degree angle D wrench and stick it into the abyss of blackness between the pistons and (magically find the pilot screw, I guess because it doesn't explain where exactly it is) to adjust the mix. I also saw on the VTXOA...