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    I traded in my VTX for a Victory Cross Country, so I am selling my speaker system that I only used for a few months. The system is the Steel Horse Audio ST400 4-speaker system in satin black. The systems works great with no issues. I have no need for it on my new bike. This system has a blue...
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    I'm trying to figure out how to wire my shark 1000w radio and was hoping this is correct before I start . Ok . Is this correct ? 10 g wire with in line fuse from (+) battery to 87 on relay . 30 on relay to (+) on radio . 86 of relay to ground & 85 to tail light wire ( brown I believe ) Any...
  3. Other "Stuff" For Sale
    Cycle Sounds Series 3 Universal 3" Sound System 200w - Metric Cruisers Used this set-up on my bike for one season. Sounds great. I took it off because I bought a Reckless Fairing with the stereo, so I don't need it anymore. Asking $200.00 or Trade for Cobra Fatties Engine guard for 1300.