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  1. Question GPS Stereo? For a Fairing or Batwing. Do they really exist??? HELP!!!

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Just bought a 1300R with a Fairing and Im looking for a combination GPS and Stereo or CD Player. Ive been looking everywhere and cant seem to find anything short of the Tsukayu Philips GPS Stereo with Electronic Shock Protection, Bluetooth®, Radio, DVD. And Im not even sure if I can just buy the...
  2. Homemade sound system

    Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    After buying two already made motorcycle sound systems (shark and a no name), and being dissapointed in the quality and sound producing level, I decided to make my own. All said and done it cost me just under $100.00 and it is super loud, at half volume. Here is what I did and the products I...
  3. Wiring for power and ground in healight?

    Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    Am wiring an audio system (cycle sounds series 2) to my 06 1800N. I opened the headlight and noticed there is a 3 prong female connector not being used. I assume this for a light bar. It's to the right in the picture. Can I wire the power and ground wires to this connector? If so, which...
  4. Wiring stereo to 2006 VTX 1800N - Please help

    Electronics - GPS / MP3 / GPS
    Am wiring a Cycle Sounds audio system to my 1800N. The instructions tell me to use a clamp on the accessory wire for the bike (for the red wire on the audio system) and then wire the black and red wire to the ground terminal on the battery. My question is - which wire is the accessory wire...