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  1. Want to buy: Hey - Anybody have a passenger seat stay bracket for a 2006 VTX1300R?

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    Hello folks, I need a stay bracket for a 2006 VTX 1300R. It's the small bracket that mounts on the rear fender with two bolts. It enables the passenger seat to be mounted. If anyone has one, I would like to buy it. Thank you for reading this ad and Happy Easter to all. Bikerdude, Gilbert...
  2. Question Kewlmetal tool bag bracket

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    First of I'm a new member, and apologize I can't post the links to the parts I’m describing here. I recently bought a 'Tool Pouch' for my '05 1300-R, and didn’t want to mount it directly to the forks because of rumors of paint and chrome wearing that it might cause. So I began to look for...
  3. Question Anyone find Chrome Clutch Lever Bracket for 1300 VTX?

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    I'm in the process of chroming out everything on my handlebars...controls..etc. I ordered the kury chrome brake/clutch levers, but was wondering what to do about the actual brackets they mount into. So far all I found was this...
  4. For Sale: Backrest, Hardware, Bracket, Luggage Rack and Backrest Trim

    1800 Parts /Accessories For Sale
    I'm stripping my 05 VTX 1800 Neo Retro for paint and have removed the following used items 1 - Chrome Rear Carrier, Part # 08L432-MCV-100B NEW - $190.95 2 - Backrest Bracket, Part # 08F75-MCV-100F NEW - $137.00 3 - Tall Backrest, Part # 08F75-MCV-100J NEW - $253.95 4 - Chrome Backrest Trim...