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  1. Question Spike air cleaner without a jet kit?

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    Hey, I'm about to change the stock air box cover because it has melted off. According to a previous thread, it's probably due to backfiring from the carb. You can check the thread if you're interested. Search (melted air housing). I really like the look of the spike air cleaner plus it's a...
  2. Question Air Cleaner/Intake Clearance

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    I'm trying to decide on an air cleaner/intake. Besides finding one with a balance between working well and looking good, my main concern is finding one that fits close to the bike and/or is built forward enough that I don't knock my knee on it all day.
  3. Want to buy: Stock Air Cleaner for 2003s

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    Looking to buy a stock airbox to fit a 2003 VTX1300S.