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  1. Question [AUS] Looking to borrow a Hondaline headlight cowl w/ windscreen to take a mould.

    Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    If anyone is in Australia, and has one of the Hondaline headlight cowls, I'm looking to borrow one to take a fibreglass mould. I cannot find one for sale anywhere, so would love to just make myself one. I will compensate the owner for the privilege. I'm located in the A.C.T. I guarantee no...
  2. VTX Cowl/Headligt Fairing

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    So I just bought a 2006 VTX 1300C and love the bike. I saw a picture of one with the cowl fairing and loved it. I started researching to see if I could find it and of course the quit making them, really??? Does anyone know where I could find one or a company that makes on similar to it...
  3. Headlight Cowl

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    I got an awesome headlight cowl the other day and when I went to mount the mounting brackets to the triple trees, they don't line up. It's almost like they were made for an 1800... :banghead: I should've seen that coming. I have seen 1300's on here that have a headlight cowl on them. Hopefully...