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crankcase cover

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    Finally found the leak on my vtx 1300, theres a tiny nick in the crankcase cover (left side lined up perfectly to footboard) thats deep enough for oil to seep out of after a period of time, ive read so many threads on this site and multiple others, im gonna JP weld the little nick until i either...
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    VTX 1300 C, R, S and T right crankcase cover. New. New in a box. Honda part # 11331-MEA-671. May fit other models. Check with an expert. Fits Honda models: 2004 S and C. 2005 C, R and S. 2006 C. 2007 R and S. 2008 C. 2009 R and T. Aluminum crankcase cover only. I have a chrome plastic clutch...