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  1. Question How much skill is required to perform DIY 16k miantenance

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    I've been riding for 3 years and I've owned my 2009 VTX 1300C for 2. The bike was purchased from the dealer brand new and all of the 16,000 miles are mine. Since purchasing the bike, I have alway let the dealership perform scheduled maintenance. I have however began doing my own oil changes and...
  2. We Don't Do No Stinking Test Rides

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    Sorry If I am a rube here. The H-D dealership I took the "Riders Edge" course from wanted a $2,000.00 cash deposit to let me test drive a bike. I walked. I found a used bike shop here in Salisbury, NC that let me test ride my slightly used VTX and I walked away with it. Same with the g/f's...