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  1. Wish me luck!

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    Thanks to all the folks here on VTX Cafe with various threads on intake/exhaust/carb tuning. Will be undertaking several projects this week all at once: decap the air box (thx Bassdude for your write up), a PAIR valve-desmog removal, and installing a Factory Pro jet kit (thx Charlie D on...
  2. SpyKer Inspired Mod

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    I bought a used air-box I the fall for $20 so I could try the De-cap Mod but sill have my original air-box in case I screwed it up. Well needless to say the De-cap Mod was quite easy and I immediately felt the bike running better so I then installed the FP3 jet kit and wow was I pleased...
  3. Question decap or spyker?

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    So I did the pair valve mod this weekend and added a K and N filter. Bike sounds and runs great with cobra dragsters after the mods. I am not done yet though, I have a factory pro stage 3 kit on the way. I am wondering if I am better off decapping my airbox or using a Spyker mod. Is there a...