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    Going to do the Dragon end of June. Then scoot over to pigeon forge for a day or two. then do the dragon on the way back before returning to Indiana. I would really appreciate any advice from experienced people about the area. Question 1: Can I play it open without room reservations? Map Quest...
  2. Pro Photo of Cage on Dragon May 2009

    Pro Photo of Cage on Dragon May 2009

  3. My 2009 VTX 1300C

    My 2009 VTX 1300C

  4. Cage on Dragon May 2009

    Cage on Dragon May 2009

  5. Planned Rides
    Just wanted to get this out there. I am riding down to the Gatlinburg, TN area on July 31 and staying in the area until August 5th. I plan on riding all those infamous roads. Would like to meet up with anyone that might be planning the same trip around the same time. This will be my 2nd...
  6. General VTX/Motorcycle Topics
    I went on the 7/11 and all I can say is it was AMAZING! It's not a sightseeing road because you HAVE to focus. If there is any way you can make it, GO! The only thing I'd ask is to read the guides about how to ride it. I ran into a few ppl who rode down the center of the road and it's a no no...
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    Hello my Wife and I will be traveling to Seiversville TN for for 4 days in June... We plan to ride the Tail on the 17th, 18th or 19th,,, I was wondering if any one may be heading that way??? If so contact me at [email protected] we can make some plans to ride. I have a 2006 VTX 1300C, Dave &...