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  1. 1300 Parts /Accessories For Sale
    Selling a pair of engine guard / highway bars from my 1300c. $200 obo and split the shipping cost. They were on the bike when i bought it from the dealer. They are in pristine condition. I removed them as right away so they have barely any miles on them and no scratches. they are the...
  2. 1300 Parts /Accessories For Sale
    Hey Y'all, I just purchased my 2005 VTX 1300R and I need to find a Crash bar/Highway Bar/Freeway bar(Preferably Cobra), a set of front Signal/Running lights, and a set of Kuryakyn Longhorn Highway pegs. Thanks for all the help y'all can give me.
  3. Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Just wondering if anyone out there has any advice or could point me in the right direction of some engine guards that will fit good on my 07 VTX1300S. This is only my second bike and I have never had or installed engine guards, are they hard to install? I can't imagine they would be more than...
  4. Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    I just got my Mutazu Highway Bars that I bought off Ebay. Supposed to be for a 1800C. I did a search on here to see if anyone had posted about these and didn't find anything. Here's a link...
  5. Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    Greetings, Does anyone have suggestions for best fit/finish highway/crash bars for an '05 1800n? I've been looking at Lindby's and Cobra Fatties. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Ride on... northlandrick
1-6 of 7 Results