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    Has anyone ever tried to mount a Memphis shades road warrior fairing to a vtx1300c
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    I see some VTX specific fairings listed on ebay. The cost is reasonable for what is listed. Anyone have any experience with one? I do not want to purchase one and then find out it is not very good quality.
  3. Suspension / Frame / Body
    I previously owned a Yamaha Roadstar and had a Kuryakin Sport Tech fairing without a sound system. I liked it a lot but they no longer make that fairing. The closest thing I see from pictures is a Klock Werks fairing but I've never seen anyone even mention it as an option. I'd like to put a...
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    I'm looking to put a fairing on my X, however I have scootworks risers. If I put the fairing on is it going to look wrong with the risers, or am I worried about nothing?