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  1. Flasher Relay for 2008 'C'

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    I'm located in Australia, and am about to replace the standard indicators with LEDs, and can't seem to find a replacement flasher (7 pin) relay for 'C' 2006+ 1800s. Does anyone know where I can find one, or what I need to do to slow down the flash-rate? I found this: Load Equalizer « Bareass...
  2. Turn Signals Stopped Flashing

    *** The Shop ~ I NEED URGENT MOTORCYCLE HELP!! ***
    Ok, so this problem is not as urgent as some of the problems on this page, but... I have a clear alternatives brake/turn signal setup in the back with the load eq. for slower blink rate. Stock turn signals in the front. I have run the system this way for a couple of years with no problems...