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    Starting last summer, I noticed a slight wobble in the steering/handlebars at 40-50 mph, especially on de-accel. It really hasn't been a problem because it was so subtle and went away after 50 mph. The wobble is getting steadily worse... Its bad enough now that I am afraid to take my hands off...
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    Hey guys, I have a decent tool set at the house with most of the normal the standard and metric sizes. I'd like to do a tear down (wheels, tins, front fork, and handle bars mainly) over the winter break and just don't want to get caught without a required tool. What have you guys run into?
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    hey guy just ordered some progressive front springs and the allballs neck bearing.. hoping to get them in this coming weekend.. when i do the front springs im going to replace the fork oil. i was just wondering what is the best fork oil to use.. I will not be using the honda fork oil. I have...
1-3 of 4 Results