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  1. Mid Mounted Foot Controls

    Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    New to the cruiser style of bike, just got a 2003 VTX 1800. Previous owner had put Jardine forward controls on it and although they look awesome, they are a bit too far way. Im looking to get a different set of controls and hopfully install some floorboards, but I cant seem to tell which ones...
  2. Forward controls ‘06 1300R

    Performance Upgrades/Mods
    I know it is probably a long shot, but, does anyone have a set of used forward controls for sale? 2006 VTX1300R. Thanks
  3. Want to buy: Forward Controls for '07 vtx1300s

    1300 Parts /Accessories For Sale
    looking for forward controls f/s or f/t or f/t/w/c must fit '07 vtx1300s new or used
  4. VTX 1300 Forward Control / Cruise Pegs / Highway Bars w-Pegs Question

    General VTX/Motorcycle Topics
    Hello I have a 06' VTX 1300 which I installed Accutronix forward controls, love them. I'm 6'4" although the controls help with shifting, I still need a bit more leg room on those long distances for a comfortable leg stretch. Done some looking around, seems the controls now are in the way of any...
  5. Want to buy: Looking for stock foot controls

    1300 Parts /Accessories For Sale
    Hey guys, Im looking for the stock foot controls for a 2004 VTX 1300C. Sadly i laid my bike down last night after not seeing some loose dirt on a turn. I need the full assembly with brackets, left side with shifter for sure, both sides would be great. if they reasonable id consider forward...
  6. Question Supreme Legends vs Accutronix- Some questions

    Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    Alright, I have read up on many threads about Accutronix and a few about Supremes. I am looking to get a set for my F, I had L&R's on my C but no experience with these setups so I have a few questions that hopefully someone from each crowd can answer. 1. I know the Accutronix will drag some on...
  7. Question 2002 VTX 1800 Forward Controls

    Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    I am in the process of buying a 2002 Honda VTX 1800C. It has 39,000 miles on it and loaded with accessories. I'm only paying $4000 for it so I know I am getting an outstanding deal that I couldn't pass up. It has after market cobra pipes, removable saddle bags, windshield, k&n filter...
  8. Seat and Forward control questions!

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    I just bought a 2004 Honda VTX 1300c and I absolutely love it! However I took it for a good 60 mile ride yesterday and realized my ass was killing me. I've read that Ultimate seats are good, can anyone confirm? If so where do I get a good deal on one..... By the way I don't want a Driver seat...
  9. Question crash bars and forward controls

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Hi gang, As my first upgrade I'm looking at adding crash bars to my stock VTX1300R. I searched for forums and seems like Cobra Fatty's are the way to go. I am 6'8" and would like to get some forward controls some day to let me stretch out my legs more but need to save up some $$. From...